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  1. ...Calls for the city to try and bring in different activities, including Motocross. Read through the link. http://www.ci.monroe.wa.us/news/sportsbrandanalysis.pdf
  2. MHill

    Question about Pacific Raceways

    Thanks, guys. Longview it is.
  3. What is the track like with regard to being beginner friendly? I'm comfortable riding woods and off-road but have no track experience, but would like to try it. Problem is, I'm an old man now and I want to find a track thats not all lipped out with crazy doubles and triples. I have heard Longview would be a good track but I live in Bothell and don't want to have to drive an extra hour if I don't have to. Thanks for your feedback in advance.
  4. Damn, I need an off-road tank. I would love to do that loop with you one day soon.
  5. MHill

    X2, x2r Pitsters in stock next week!

    I waited for the X2R and the bike is sweet! It was way more than I was expecting from the pictures. I know it can be hard to do, but I would wait it out. If that X3R is anything like the X2R, you'll be more than happy that you got one of the first ones available.
  6. First and foremost it's a football stadium. Home field advantage, anyone?
  7. MHill

    Early Seattle SX spoiler...

    It's been pouring almost all day and hasn't let up. My sister was there for practice and called me with the same information already posted. James crashed hard and was limping pretty bad. Nothing but sunshine yesterday and projected sunshine tomorrow. Go figure.
  8. There is a big write up in this months DirtBike magazine about this very issue. Looks like everyone racing GNCC went with the YZ450F.
  9. MHill

    Bringing a bike into Canada.

    I'm currently selling one of my bikes on Cycle Trader and I was contacted by a guy in Canada who wants to come look at it. He had asked that if he ends up buying the bike if I would be willing to drive it over the border and drop the bike off to him. From what I am reading on the internet it looks like I will be forced to pay the tax on the bike if I do that for him, due to the fact that I will have to declare the bike when I enter. Has anyone had any dealings of this sort?
  10. MHill

    Stolen Bikes, Everett WA

    Brian, I'm right down the road in Bothell, so I'll keep an eye out for your bikes. If you don't mind me asking, where were your bikes located when they were stolen?
  11. ...I received an email last night that Works Connection is targeting April 4th for the release of the 2006 YZ450F rad guards. I've always liked Works Connection and their products, so I thought I would pass this along to the others who feel the same. -Hill
  12. MHill

    MX track needs your support.

    I’m really struggling to understand the “no motocross in Maltby” stance against the proposed land use for a motorcycle track. The argument that I keep hearing over and over is the fact that this location seems to be in, or close to, a residential area. Now here is where I start getting confused. The existing use is a gravel pit? A gravel pit of all things, and the impacted residents are using the excuse that a motocross track will hurt their property values? Have you looked out the window lately at the constant flow of end dumps and semi trucks driving to and from the pit everyday? How about the dust that already exists and the track out on your roads? Now I don’t know the exact numbers for certain, so I won’t try and speculate, but maybe somebody can estimate the average number of trucks commuting in and out of that site on a daily basis. As a homeowner, nobody can convince me that the traffic in and out of a motocross track will be higher than the amount of trucks coming in and out of a gravel pit on a daily basis. Not only that, but the noise factor would be tremendously lower in comparison to the semi trucks and heavy equipment currently in use. I have asked almost everyone I know, most of which have never been on a dirt bike in their life, if they had a choice between a gravel pit or a motorcycle track in close proximity to their home, which would they select. Unanimously it’s been the motorcycle track. You’re dealing with a family sport where moms and dads can bring out their sons and daughters and participate in a family activity. I don’t know what kind of propaganda the opposition is being fed, but they need to stop with the heard mentality and do some research on their own. Now only will they find this use to not be the type of neighbor they're being made out to be. They might also find how good for the local economy this might actually be. I still can’t get over that. You live next to a gravel pit! Hello!
  13. Really? I must have missed when Jeremy landed on his head pulling a Nac Nac over the finish line jump.
  14. MHill

    A place for my son to ride...

    Disturbed, I sent out my emails a few days ago in support of the track. I've also joined CLOUT and have been getting involved where ever I can to support the sport.
  15. MHill

    A place for my son to ride...

    ...I have lived in Bothell now since the end of December and have yet to find a small place close to the house where I can take my son for a quick ride. I live near "Trasher's corner" and am in search of a place where I can take my boy for quick rides after school. I don't need lots of trails or tracks, just a flat piece of land where I can teach him. Walker Valley seems to be the closest place, I was just hoping to find a small clearing that people my know about even closer to the house. He has a CRF50 with the stock pipe so sound is a non issue. I really messed up when I moved here. I knew that I wanted property, just for this very reason, but time didn't allow me to find what I was looking for.