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  1. danmorgan

    Its gone

    At the minute im riding a bandit 6 just needed something cheap and reliable for the mo. Hope to get another drz in the near future as there just so much fun to ride & wheelie. The drz kicks the ass off my bandit for carving through traffic on the way home though when you get a clear road the extra power is nicer on the bandit. Why cant drz's have 6gears!!
  2. danmorgan

    Its gone

    Hi guys well after numerous problems with my so called bulletproof drz i have decided its time to get rid. Just thought id let you guys know that its up on ebay If anyones interested i have the engine, the bottom end needs work (has a crack in the casing) but the top end is fine with a mt440, rhc valves and springs and hotcams int&ex stage1's
  3. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    I didnt hit anything at the time i was just taking it easy on the road. When i get my bike back il try and get some pics. Think it could be ending up in pieces on ebay. Had a shout on a bottom end, so approxx $700 plus fitting
  4. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    Finally found out what it was, theres a split across the crankcase approx 6ins long basically end to end im told. My mechanics never saw anything like this before, have any of you guys?? Think this could be the end of my drz, dam after just fitting the 440 and rhc valves to
  5. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    Not got round to checking the cams, will get that done soon.Gonna have to truck my bike to the shop. If i have totalled the motor would any parts be salvigable as iv just installed big bore, rhc valves and got hot cams fitted. Cant see it being the cases as i have a skid plate fitted and was just riding on the road
  6. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    Doh! Still cant find were this leak is coming from my friend says its around the area under the starter motor or back of the cylinder block. Is there a way of starting the engine with the starter motor removed?
  7. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    There was some oil left in the frame but not much. My friend(the mechanic) topped up the oil again and tried starting it and it started pouring out again Heres gonna start looking at the starter motor tomorrow was just gonna try and give him some guidance as i think mine is the only drz he sees. If i did damage much else what would it likely be? As i cant really afford to start stripping down the motor at this moment in time. The motor wasnt running very long after it started leaking but i did rev it quite a bit in this time.
  8. danmorgan

    Another oil leak

    Hi guys last time i was out on my bike after a mile of riding it started making a funny knocking sound at high rpm, i stopped shortly after and found it was pouring out oil. I thought it was the c/s seal, but after getting the seal today it turns out this wasnt the problem. My mechanic seems to think it looks like its coming from the starter motor area. Any1 heard of any other leaks around this area? I will search through all the old posts in an hour or so was just trying to see if any1 could point me in the right direction thanks
  9. danmorgan

    valve clearence check

    Thanks for the response
  10. danmorgan

    valve clearence check

    Hi about to check my valve clearences am i right in thinking they should be intake:.0039"-.0079" exhaust.0079"-.0118" Also are the figures right if i have rhc valves, 440 bigbore and hotcams stg2 int and exhaust Thanks
  11. danmorgan

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    1. Motorways and dual carrageways cruise around 75 In the back lanes i really get below 85 (thats were the fun is) 2. 106 fairly stock, since the cams and big bore only hit 104 but il be taking it to the same stretch of road soon so il see if its got any faster but it depends on the wind if theres a slight breeze sometimes can only reach 90 odd
  12. danmorgan


    Hi must of been a good 12months ago now Il try and get in contact with them and see if i get any resopnse
  13. danmorgan


    think he meant go-faster.com Iv used them before for my ebc 280mm disk, mine arrived without problems in about 3days
  14. danmorgan

    Bigbore jetting??

    Dam the guy who runs the dyno here is off for a few weeks. So looks like its gonna be trial and error. With the symptoms i have would it seem im running rich? Was thinking of going a clip leaner on the needle, down a size or 2on the main then is it possible to go leaner on the fuel screw?
  15. danmorgan

    Thanks another 440 is alive

    Got 440, cvk40 carb and stg 2hotcams int&ex. Outta everything iv done bigbore has definatley added the most power, the midrange feels so much stronger now