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  1. Hi I have a 81 KLX250 ( I know they stopped in 1980 in the us) It starts from cold without choke ( throttle closed), all the carb settings are standard. the air box and filter are all standard as is the engine set up. As I understand this indicates it's running rich at idle setting. It's a bit of a pig to start when it's been running for a bit when hot, again I think this points to it being rich. Can it be made to lean up on idle, air screw does not seem to affect it. I'm open to all suggestions Paul
  2. gtmpaul

    XL 250 fork size

    1973 approx
  3. gtmpaul

    XL 250 fork size

    Hi, can anyone give me the diameter and overal length of the forks on an XL 250 motosport Thanks Paul
  4. gtmpaul

    Starting an XT 600

    Hi Well after a change to fresh fuel, a few backfires and about fifty kicks she now runs, it will now start from cold on about 2nd or third kick Paul
  5. gtmpaul

    Starting an XT 600

    The bike arrived today I have only just looked over it, hope to start work on it in the next few days. I have found an engine that should fit if needed,"with a bit of work"
  6. gtmpaul

    Starting an XT 600

    Hi Everyone, I have just picked up an 88 XT600, It has been stored since 02, battery is dead, and fuel stale, when I viewed it, it would try and fire but as i only had trainers on after about twenty kicks my foot was hurting. I'm planning a new plug, battery and carb clean, any tecnique I should know on these? my 81 KLX you just kick and go Paul
  7. gtmpaul

    Kaw KL250 1979

    Hi, with all the ohc Kawas check the top end, the cam eats its way through the head on the kl's paul
  8. gtmpaul

    Lets see the vintage!

    Hi All, A few bad pics of some of the bikes I've owned My current bike 81 KLX First bike 81 DT50mx Second bike 80 DT125E
  9. gtmpaul

    Klx Pics

    Old bike, old owner
  10. gtmpaul

    KLX 250 rebuild

    Hi All, I'm going to be rebuilding a spare engine soon ready to swap over into my KLX, I have spoken to Megacycle about a new cam with a needle roller conversion as all my spare heads have the large cam journal chewed up. Has anyone used this set up before? or can give some advise. Paul
  11. gtmpaul

    Bike pics (KLX'S)

    1981 KLX, yes that is Stonehenge in the background, bike and monument about 2000 yearsBC
  12. gtmpaul

    New Twin Shocks for KLX250

    Hi Gray, the only comany that I have found in the UK for KLX shocks is Falcon in Wareham Dorset I don't know how many KLX's are in the UK but It they are few and far between. Paul
  13. gtmpaul

    KLX250 A1 Parts wanted

    Hi Graham I think I saw your bike on ebay a few weeks ago. I now have the B1 model that I use for greenlaning Two B1s in bits that I use for spares And a complete non running A1 that may be rebuilt in the future. I have bought a Z250 engine for bits as the top end has some interchangeable parts, vlaves are very slightly smaller, at present mine runs a modded Z250 cam. Ebay is a good source of bits I have bought parts from the USA/France Germany etc they seem to have been very popular everywhere except the UK, if you need any specs etc I have all the manuals for them. Cheers Paul try a search on OZvmx there are quite a few bits of info and tests etc http://www.ozvmx.com/ http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/DSC00394.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/a6_1_b.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/bike15.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/bike12.jpg
  14. Hi all, In the next few weeks we coming to the US to visit the theme parks etc. can anyone recommend some off road shops as I'm after some new boots and the current £/$ rate is very good so I can see myself spending a bit. Paul
  15. gtmpaul

    82 klx250 info

    Hi, KLX info 79-80 A1-A2 US spec plastic tanks ally swing arms 81-82 B1 rest of world (not US) longer rear frame hoop plastic tank UK spec has metal tank to meet UK law regarding plastic tanks, UK spec bike has shorter seat also due to longer metal tank. If you look at my bike, the one with the KX stickers ( not my doing) on the tank you can see the tank comes back further than on the other pic. Hope this helps Paul http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/bike1.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e184/gtmpaul/KLX250A1.jpg