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  1. Motocross

    vp u4 is good stuff and will give a stock engine a small boost in power. its only like 98 octane but its oxygenated
  2. Motocross

    the factory 450s arent much better than the privateer stuff, i doubt they have ANY more power, you can only havr so much hp. the factory bikes may weight a couple pounds less and have a little better suspension. its all the rider, you have nick wey who is on a factory kawi thats not even top ten usually, and the fast riders are on facory bike because they are fast, not the bikes
  3. Supercross

    lets not forget that RV beat EVERYBODY on a 250f, its all rider
  4. id be a little pissed if i had a season like CP. i cant wait til RV kicks dungys ass, just like the old days. i hate dungy
  5. Supercross

    georke, won one race and now hes a hero? no offense to the kid, but IT has been top 5 more alot more than georke and with 2 previous championships he obviously knows how to win, plus he has been to the des nations before, so he kinda has an idea what to expect. let IT go, doubt we will win against australia anyway.
  6. Supercross

    too bad fastest lap doesnt win the race. consistantly fast wins races
  7. Supercross

    this thread is awful, u guys are d!cks, how would you like it if you were in the pits and some one came up and sat down next to you. then was like so where do you think your gonna wreck and what do you think your gonna break? it would be a big downer thinking that all these people think that your goin to fail. its like me saying the when all of you are out riding your bikes i hope that u fall and break your arm, just not cool guys
  8. whats the diff?
  9. header will fit same basic motor. they changed the head internaly in '05.
  10. im considering this as well. your motor should work, u would have to press out the swing arm bushing and put in the newer one. and id put in a piston cams at least. your cdi and everything would work. why dont you just mod urs? if the suspensionis revalved keep it. or get a set of '05 tripple clamps and put in 05 or newer forks. but if ur set on the newer bike. like im thinking. rebuild/hop up ur motor and put in wet sump kit so u dont have to deal with oil lines.
  11. did they change at all or was it allthe stuff that bolted on that changed? would an '08 framed bike handle better than an '06?
  12. is watching stewart chaeck out what u want to see? i mean if he gets ahead and doesnt crash hes gone. and its boring. id rather see some battles than watch one dude spin laps.i honestly like how they do it. espescially since i get to see guys from here in idaho more if they do. except weimer the show him alot but seeing evans and seibler race is cool to me cause they are from here.
  13. thanks man that would be great
  14. will a older motor out of a steel frame fit in a newer aluminum frame? also anyone know if the swingarm is the same?
  15. Supercross

    yea he shoulda just grabbed a handful of throttle and used them as a burm.