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  1. RedLeader

    Need info for Kanab area

    5 of us are headed out to Kanab Tuesday night, my first Utah adventure. I was wondering if anyone had some really good trail informantion for that area. We are not set up for sand so Coral Pink is not our objective. I was hoping for some spectacular views, altitude, and some single track. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. RedLeader

    Coyote Flat ride

    Trip was great. At 10.5K we had no issues with jetting. I was a tad bit worried about the TTR125's and their riders. View was spectacular. What I don't understand is why everyone was making fun of me with my big backpack and all the stuff I loaded in it. They certainly were not laughing when we got to the top and they were mauling me to get to its contents, my food and Jacket! I took the wife and kids to the lookout point and led them back the same way we came up. Four of the group took the backside down, really steep. I did the whole loop in July and didn't feel that they were capable of the long downhills, I'm just glad they came. Here are some pics. http://www.penpack.net/ogr-ohv/PhotosOctCoyote/
  3. RedLeader

    Coyote Flat ride

    Thanks for the info, I did the loop for the first time in July of this year and just had to go back. We will do Coyote on Saturday when most of the group is there. I'll probably do the Cerro Gordo loop on Friday. We will be camping at Taboose Creek, just south of the hot springs. I have all the loops loaded on the GPS, should be fun.
  4. RedLeader

    Coyote Flat ride

    A large group of us are going to ride the Coyote Flat Loop 10/1 and were wondering if ther are any good areas to camp near there.
  5. RedLeader

    Possible WCTTR at Jawbone - take 2

    Being new to the TT comunity I would enjoy meeting you folks on the T-Day ride. I hope the gang is family friendly. My family and gang are doing a two stop T-Day ride, we will do three or four days at Cal City and three or four days at Johnson Valley. If you go to either of these places I would enjoy hooking up with the group. Let me know when things are finalized.
  6. RedLeader

    riding area for my wife &7yr old son?

    My son and I are headed up to the town of El Dorado for a soccer tournament, how far is it to those trails from this town?
  7. RedLeader

    zgw8's 250X pics

    I have installed the ELine skid plate on my 250x, the bike sound much different now than without it, much louder. It almost sounds like something is wrong with the engine. Would this be all the normal engine noise being reflected up rather than in all directions? BTW, awsome looking bike. Where do I get one of those graphics kits?
  8. RedLeader

    Hungry Valley and Los Padres tomorrow

    I guess it's not a good idea to bring the wife and kids on this adventure ! I've got the spare tube and tire irons. I hope if when I get a flat that someone comes by that knows how to use them. Anyone knowing minor bike repair are more than welcome to join us
  9. RedLeader

    Hungry Valley and Los Padres tomorrow

    How were the mountain trails, we have a trip planned there 9/10 and 9/11. We have been to Hungry Valley many times but not Los Padres. Can you get to the trails from within Hungry Valley, or is it better to stage at Frazier Park?
  10. RedLeader

    Torn ACL

    Tanner stage, I actually know what that is! I surely didn't know a year ago. There is a Dr. out of Boston Children's that has been doing this surgery for about 7 years now. He used the ITB and did an extra articular method. They also repaired his torn meniscus. The conservative approach was just not an option for us, Kevin is a wild man. He would have had to have a TKR at age 20 at his pace.
  11. RedLeader

    knee injury.. See a doctor?

    Sounds like an ACL to me. Good luck on your MRI results.
  12. RedLeader

    Torn ACL

    My son, 9 at the time, tore his ACL when he crashed his KX65. His one year crash anniversary is in September, and one year post op in October. There are a few good knee forums that I read for hours on end when this all began, they are Bobs ACL and Kneegeeks. As much information that you can find on motorcycles on this forum is as much as you can find out about knees on these forums. You are lucky in one way, you are and adult and there are many procedures available to you. With youths that still have open growth plates, your choices are few to none. We were fortunate to find a doctor in Boston that specialized in ACL deficient children, found him after more than 80 hours of research. So don't worry, my nine year old did it, my wife did it, and they are physically functional now. By the way, my son was riding again 5 months post op, ice hockey and skiing six months, and now competitive soccer at 10 months. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/we.warner@sbcglobal.net/my_photos
  13. RedLeader

    Cardio Workout

    Ice hockey, that's my vote.
  14. RedLeader

    Do u have an R or X?

    As many times as I have had to get off my bike and pick up the other three, the X was the only way to go
  15. I have the Garmin gpsmap60 with the handlebar kit. Mine started shutting down during rides, really frustrating. I found that any sharp tap would shut it off, even while holding it. While it was pluged into an AC source I could not get the darn thing to shut down. I sent into Garmin under warranty and I described the issue. They fixed it, imagine that. I have been on at least 9 good rides since it was retuned and it has not shut down since. Now I'm just pissed that the batteries go dead after 28 hours, I just might do the hardwire thing myself.