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  1. It seems that I was the last to make the list.
  2. The only way to adjust how agressive the front wheel is, is by exchanging the rear sprocket. Some of my friends have exchanged the tubes on their 2-trac bikes, I will ask them what it is they use. I my self believe it is hydraulic high pressure fittings. Here you can find some pictures (probably nothing new to you) : http://hjolavillingar.123.is/album/default.aspx?aid=127660
  3. Asgeir

    winter project

    Sam : Have you measured the current that is needed for your FI system ? If using Carburator as Throttle body on bike that has stock CDI with a TPS, you either need to tap into the TPS, which is possible not safe, and can upset the signals for both CDI and the FI computer. Or you need two TPS. Third option is discard the CDI and go full control of FI and Ignition. After more reeding it seems better to go for a FI Throttle body.
  4. Asgeir

    winter project

    Just found this two days ago. This has been a really interesting thread to read. I salute you for your write up and open up your experiment to all. I am really interested in doing this kind of mod to a DR750 that I purchased earlier this year. Here is a guy from Norway using MIcrosquirt on his DR800 : http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=417178&highlight=dr800+injection I have a few questions : Do´nt you have to use two TPS sensors when you have a ignition control that varies the ignition curve depending on the throttle position ? (like most current enduro and mx bikes have) What flow and pressure are you looking for when you choose fuel pump and injector ? How do you position the injector ? shooting in the middle of the inlet runner ? Directly to the tulip of the inlet valve ? Behind or in front of slide if you use a carburator and convert it to TB ? I have had the opertunity to help a friend with programming a standalone ECU in his turbo Nissan which gives me a peek into the world of FI, but my intrest lies much more in enduro and dual sport bikes.
  5. Asgeir

    cheap and easy rack suggestion?

    I have put together a picture album when making the racks : http://hjolavillingar.123.is/album/default.aspx?aid=153382 The material is high pressure pipes 16 mm outer diameter with 2 mm thickness.
  6. Asgeir

    cheap and easy rack suggestion?

    We rode with 30 kg on each rack for 6 days. These frame mounts will hold the weight very well. Just make sure to hold the weight as close to the bike as possible. My bike with the boxes had a slight tail dangling on slightly technical tracks.
  7. Asgeir

    cheap and easy rack suggestion?

    Here is what I welded together for my WR450 and my wifes WR250 http://cs-001.123.is/DeliverFile.aspx?id=7c90c39f-75fa-4509-8829-1aadd9f3d040 Went for a 6 days ride together earlier this month. Pictures from our trip here : http://hjolavillingar.123.is/album/default.aspx?aid=152551 More pictures of the racks here : http://hjolavillingar.123.is/
  8. Asgeir

    Really loud THUNK

    Could it be that the front forks are bottoming out on a compression stroke ? Are they or have they been leaking ?
  9. Asgeir

    Cuts out in deep water

    There are 4 breathing tubes coming from the carburator. Two on each side. One from each side must be re-routed further up in the frame. Best is to route them pass the upper shock mount and under the seat in front of the battery. Some earlier WR´s also have their valve cover breathing hoses originally routed down to the low part of the frame. This tube should be routed to the intake box via fittings.
  10. I wish this 6,6 gallon Acerbis tank was available for my 2007 for my long trips. This is what I have found for the 2007 : http://www.off-the-road.de/motorrad-tanks.html?&L=1 28 liters fiber tanks
  11. Asgeir

    my new mirrors

    Looks good. Let us know how it works.
  12. Asgeir

    04 Wr450 Engine Locked Up, Then Was Ok?

    This happens because the cylinder is filled with dense mixture of air and fuel that does not compress very easily. Holding steady pressure with your foot on the kickstart for a few seconds usually does the trick. Usually happens when the motor stalls suddenly, but luckily it´s not always like that. Rocking method should work as well, have not tried that myself.
  13. Asgeir

    ok i screwed up bad i think

    They can fit WR450F 05 and up 04 has smaller diameter forks
  14. Asgeir

    Wiring question

    You need a bigger rectifier than the stock one, oem is made to handle 26W, Trailtech rectifier handles 150W
  15. Asgeir

    Rear fender bag