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  1. markbec1

    Best rear tire for XR650R

    That is the tire I put on my last xr and really liked it, any idea on the best place to order from?
  2. markbec1

    Best rear tire for XR650R

    Looking to replace the stock rear tire with something that is good on hard packed dirt roads, and a occasionally a sandy single track DOT would be a bonus, any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  3. I just picked a very low hour WR450, it is converted to street legal, I plan on riding around with my 6 year old and a bit of trail riding, Just looking on the best oil to use, also I need a new battery should I go with the Yuasa or can I go with the cheaper Bikemaster?
  4. I will be up from the 4th through the 7th and would like to either ride single track or maybe some fire roads one morning. let me know I can bring my xr650r or crf250x. Thanks, Mark
  5. markbec1

    Baja Designs, an experience!

    I did not read all the post but I just had to say I have had nothing but great luck with Baja Designs always really helpful and polite:thumbsup: on the phone.
  6. I do 60% road and 40% off road riding I need to get a new front and rear tire for my xr650r, something DOT approved thinking of the 606 rear and the Pirelli scorpian front should I be buying any special size?
  7. I bought the tall seat foam and cover but do not have the plastic frame and do not want to take apart my perfectly good oem unit, does anyone know where I can buy just the frame?
  8. markbec1

    Any downside to the Dunlop 606s?

    Who has the best price on the 606??
  9. markbec1

    Hell/Pinckney area ride Mamorial day weekend

    2wheeltyson I'm glad to see I have someone to spell check my work.
  10. Well decided to stay home for Memorial day weekend which is usally spent at our cottage, just too many things to do around the house. Is anybody interested in doing a little dirt road ride one morning over the three day weekend?
  11. markbec1

    Is XR's Only completely worthless?

    Well, I ordered Pro Tapers and a top tripple clamp they arrived on time with no problems so I have to give them positive feedback Thanks xr's only.
  12. markbec1

    Is XR's Only completely worthless?

    I actually just place a order for a xr650r top tripple clamp and a set of Pro Taper bars on there web site they were $89.00 quoted me $69.00 which I thought was pretty cool. My order should be here by the end of the week or early next week I will post how my entire transaction goes. I did notice they seemed pretty short on the phone until I placed the order and where vary helpful at that point. I would have to say a positive purchase so far.
  13. markbec1

    XRR Baja Designs kit installed

    May I suggest getting rid of them, I have tried them before with no luck.
  14. markbec1

    xr650r soft seat??

    I tried to order but they are out of stock, any other retailers?