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  1. vanhalen

    Gearing for '06 YZ125

    I am at 4200 ft.
  2. vanhalen

    Gearing for '06 YZ125

    Traded my RMZ450 in for a YZ 125 and I am having an absolute blast! I was watching the original "skills" video with Ryan Hughes and for Washougal he was running a 13 front and 53 rear sprocket. I am running a stock 48 right now. Recommendations?
  3. vanhalen

    Whhich Pipe To Go With? To Many To Chose.

    The Leo Vince X3 is a great pipe. They co-developed it with Suzuki for the RM-Z450. I have loved mine. As stated on an earlier post, I had to sell my bike last week for financial reasons, but kept the pipe along with my step seat, and flexx bars. I'm willing to sell it for cheap if you anyone is interested.
  4. vanhalen

    Feeling sad...

    In need of cash, I need to let my bike go. I have over $2,000 worth of extras into this bike, and I have been trying to sell it for $4600. I have an offer of $4000, but I am too emotinally attached to it to sell it for that price. The potential buyer agreed to but the bike without the leo vince pipe, flexx bars, and SDG step seat for the $4K, but I am still having a hard time. Opinions?
  5. vanhalen

    '05 price tag

    I am looking at selling an '05 RMZ450 and I am curious as to your opinions on a fair selling price. It seems as though most '05 are posting from $4300 - $5000. It pains me to think that for as much money and time I have put into the bike, that I would lose $1500+ on a bike that has only been ridden 6 months (purchased it late last year). What's your opinion? Any good ideas as to where to post for sale? Cycle Trader, Motorcyclesellerz.com, local paper? This is my first time selling a bike, so your input would be appreciated. I have loved this bike, but I am going to have to take a break from it all for about a year. My new house is demanding extra cash. Anyway, your input woul;d be greatly appreciated
  6. vanhalen

    Rg3 link

    I don't have the RG3 linkage, but I did revalve the forks and shock, as well as a new shock spring. The bike handles so sweet I have abandoned my plans to get a new bike. I shimmed my valves shortly after break-in, and they have been spot on ever since. The Leo pipe gives great power, and now with my suspension customized, I can't find any good reason to get a new bike. I am interested in the Rg3, but it would have be be AMAZING to make the bike handle better.
  7. vanhalen

    Best Exhaust For Rmz 450?

    LeoVince X3 and the Sunline/ARC Axis clutch lever. Sunline also makes a great brake lever that works with a unique wheel/pivot system. It's what factory Suzuki runs. In addition, Stewart runs the Axis clutch lever for his KX as well. I think with as many hard crashes as he has had, he has sure put that product to the test!
  8. vanhalen

    2007 Rmz 450

    NO 5th gear needed on this bike!!!!!!!!!!!! Just last night I was riding a motocross track and could not decide if I wanted to stay in 2nd or 3rd for a big uphill step up. The step up is about 100ft, with a good approach. Turns out that 2nd gear had more than enough to get me powered up and over it without hitting the rev limiter. 3rd gear has plenty of legs, and the top of 4th has more than anyone should ever need on a motocross track. (sorry for getting angry)
  9. vanhalen

    Help finding Yoshimura RMZ450 Pic

    Thanks for helping out guys. I would love to paint my frame black, but it seems like a lot of upkeep to me. I am more interested in riding than I am having a "show bike". That being said, I think that white kit is pretty dand nice. Wasn't there some pictures of a mock Sebastion Tortelli white RMZ450 last year. Where do you acquire those white plastics anyway?
  10. vanhalen

    Help finding Yoshimura RMZ450 Pic

    I saw a picture of a Yoshimura RMZ450. Had black powdercoat frame, etc. Link to that picture would be appreciated. I also saw a picture of a RMZ450 in white. Link would also be appreciated. Thank You!
  11. vanhalen

    KXF versus RMZ

    Talk more about the rekluse. What is it and what does it do that makes it so neat? VH
  12. vanhalen

    How to match CRF power?

    Dude, you crazy?!!! Don't take this too personally, but the Horse power IS NOT the problem. I relay this back to the Dirt Rider article that had Ryan Hughes race DRZ's, 125's, etc. against a hopped up RMZ 450. It didn't make much of a difference in the results category. I have a buddy with an '06 CRF with a White Bros. exhaust. I'll take my '05 zook any day. Do some more cardio, brake later, excellerate sooner. There is plenty of horses in that thing to make anyone a winner.
  13. vanhalen

    06 hot start kit on an 05??

    See if works connection can fax you over their instructions. I used their cable set up for my '05 and it was tight working around the frame, etc. but no confusion on what went where. Works great. I no longer have my sheet or I would scan and send it to you.
  14. vanhalen

    Anyone running a 50t sprocket and a pipe ??

    MXMAN, Be sure to let me know. I love how broad the LV makes the bike. Everyone who rides my "Z" is extremely impressed. That's even back to back against '06 models. The 50 tooth may be the right answer for this bike. Looking forward to what you have to say.
  15. vanhalen

    Anyone running a 50t sprocket and a pipe ??

    I too have a Leo Vince exhaust. It really expanded the power on the '05 RMZ 450. For me, it's hard to decide because it expands the power enough in 2nd gear that I can stay in it if I have to, yet it gives enough low end, where I can do 3rd if I clutch it in some of the low speed corners. I basically posted your same question yesterday without much response. People say they love the 50t, but it's hard to say without them knowing what the LV exhaust does to this bike. I need to replace mine this week. If I go to a 50 or 48, I'll let you know