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  1. Seems like most of the pictures aren't showing up on the various van links =(
  2. vb4life

    Noob Jetting Question 06 kx250f

    Hey all, I have tried to search for the answer but couldn't find a clear one. I just got the JD kit for my 06 KX250F and followed the suggested directions to include the AP mod. Of course after I was all done, I discovered I had been gifted a powerbomb head pipe and a boysen quickshot 2 from the belated birthday fairy. With these two additions, will I be needed to adjust my jetting any further? My forks are away being revalved, so I can't really take her for the spin. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks everyone!
  3. vb4life

    1982 xr100 air filter

    Does anyone know if a filter element from an 82 xl 100 work on an xr100? If not does anyone know if a uni filter can be used as a temp fix? Bent Bike has the xl100 filter and the uni's and is open on Sunday's, the bike is already over at the riding grounds waiting for us. My wife wants to ride on Sunday and it takes 2-3 days to get the correct filter shipped. The current element has ripped and we are headed to a dusty place to ride the a.m. Any temp fix ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. vb4life

    1981 XR100 exhaust

    Could anyone point me in a direction on where I could find an exhaust for an 81 xr100. Would an XR80 pipe from the same year fit?