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  1. Is there any performance benefit to having a dual exhaust pipe on a single cylinder bike or is it purely for aesthetics?
  2. The DRZ only has a single cylinder
  3. Thanks Rib Eye!
  4. I'm lazy and I suffer from short term memory loss so I'll install the kick start just to be safe
  5. Sold! Could someone point me to a parts list and install instructions for the kick start?
  6. I have an 05 SM. I love everything about the bike but the power. So far I've put a full system on her, done the 3x3 with a K&N and FCR39. Changed the rear sprocket out to a 47t and although these mods have made a substantial improvement, I'm still unimpressed. My winter mods were to be a suspension upgrade, BB kit, Cams, valves etc. but I'm having second thoughts. I'm wondering if it's worth the money to build the engine out or am I better off trading her in for something like a 650 Husky or 610 KTM??? I guess I'm afraid that I'll drop the money on the engine mods and still be unhappy or have an unreliable bike. I'd love to hear your opinions on my dilema. Thanks FS
  7. LOL gee thanks
  8. That's what I was afraid of. I was going to get the trusty dremmel out and cut away a bit to make it fit around the exhaust bolt but I'm not sure I can get the other stuff to line up. Also, the bottom of the frame guard looks like it will rub the brake lever once it's on tight. I'm starting to think I should of bought an E and made it street legal. Thanks again for your help
  9. Anyone else have trouble with these on their bike? My left side went on without a hitch but the right side seems to be off quite a bit. It hits the passenger peg exhaust bolt and the holes don't quite line up with the brake reservoir etc.
  10. LOL My pleasure sir
  11. I want to get a dirt setup for my SM so I can swap em out when I feel like it. Where's a good place to get a good deal on wheels for the dirt? TIA FS
  12. I know 110 won't work on a 14/47 you definitely need 112. If I had to guess I'd say you're going to need another link for 13/47 too. You might get it on but it'll be tight.
  13. Sold Thanks
  14. That had to suck. Thanks for teh advice guys. This site is great!
  15. Thanks Guys I think I'll save my money for the hotcams