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  1. fundgh

    Who all has a street legal wr?

    I had a plated YZ400 for a couple years and loved it. Sold it and kept the more street worth DRZ. I got tired of the weight, so I sold it and picked up a plated 00 WR400f! I am glad to be back on a real dirt bike, but have a few things to sort. I have to do the title transfer and registration and that always makes me nervous, then I need to get the carb sorted. The previous owner had really ridden it much in 2 years and it was not that easy to start. Once dialed in (if it is anything like my YZ was) it will be a joy!
  2. fundgh

    drz SM upper chain guide on an S?

    I got the Warp9 package from Motostrano for my S model and the tire is getting beat up as well. I checked the off-set in the swing arm and the rim seems to be about 1/4" biased to the right. I think I have 160 Avons on mine though. I don't see it as a big deal, but it certainly isn't perfect. I may fabricate my own guide or buy one of those from Wheeling.
  3. fundgh

    chain hitting tyre

    I measured mine the other day and it appears to be biased to the right by about 1/4". How much offset is normal?
  4. fundgh

    chain hitting tyre

    I just mounted some Destanzia 160s and the chain has chewed up the side of my tire. I think it is just part of the deal. Off-set seems to be fine (it is centered in the swing arm). While it is a little ugly, I won't be running on that part of the tire, so it is what it is.
  5. fundgh

    Question about my Clarke gas tank...

    To add to the petcock education: The "siphon" is vacuum operated. So if you need to drain your tank, you will need to use the prime setting. If you switch to a carb that doesn't have a vacuum nipple, you will have to run the bike in the prime setting, and you will not have the reserve setting as a back up.
  6. fundgh

    Go All In or Cut Bait

    For me, the power is not as much of an issue as the weight. For Sumo duty, I wouldn't mind more weight or the same weight with more power; but for off-road, there's no way I would want to go to a bigger bike. If I could spend $1000 to shed 50 lbs, I might consider doing that. But for me (with an FCR, 3x3 mod, and other small things) I wouldn't put more than a pipe and BB kit in to it before looking for something a little more modern.
  7. fundgh

    Are my priorities mixed up

    Is everyone of the same belief that loudness, flow, and power all go hand in hand? I could handle it being a little louder, but I really want it to sound better! I think a full system of sorts is really what I want. I have heard that the primary restriction on the stock system is in the header, not the can. So if I get a full system with a larger header, that should help a little bit right? Like I said, I don't need more power, but I would hate to waste money just on looks and sound and weight (well maybe all of that is worth something!) So who makes the best sounding, lightest, best looking header and pipe combo? I have to say I am not a huge fan of the shape of the exhaust tip on the MRD or Yosh RS3. I prefer the look of the LV or FMF or TB.
  8. fundgh

    Are my priorities mixed up

    I want an exhaust. Plain and simple the stock one is heavy, ugly, and sounds like poop. I don't know about flow because I am happy with the performance of my bike, but I wouldn't kick performance to the curb. So in my search, I have assigned these priorities: Must look good (from header to exhaust tip) Weigh less (as much less as possible) Sound good (without being loud, I like to not piss off my neighbors) Flow more air Is that wrong? I like the look of the FMF cans and the two Brothers cans, but I can't decide what to keep my eyes on. I know the MRD is what I really should get, but I have heard that they are LOUD and even with a quiet insert, they are LOUD. Someone help me! or slap me around a little bit and tell me to wake the F%$K up!
  9. fundgh

    Whats the lightest exhaust...

    But if you get 5 lbs from the battery and 3.5 lbs from the exhaust, and few more here and there, you can get a 10-15lb savings. pick up ten lbs by itself, its nothing to sneeze at.
  10. fundgh

    So, what makes the DR-Z so heavy?

    So there you have it! Everything makes it heavier, and everyone who rides one justified the weight because of the added reliability! I would love to get the weight down. I think there are a lot of things that I can do that don't cost a ton, but I would hate to ruin any resale value by hacking things off. My first efforts may be to get an aftermarket exhaust, different headlight setup, and nix the gauge cluster for a computer. That should be good for 10 lbs or so right?
  11. I have some Distanzias on my 17's and I would not want to put in too much time in the dirt. They are not a dirt tire. I have never ridden the "DeathWings" but they have to be better. I like the Pirelli MT21 as a dual sport tire. The real question is: what characteristics do you value most and second most in your dual purpose tire? Personally, I like the best dirt characteristics and longevity. I know that dirt tires perform just fine (to my standard) on the street, so I am not worried about street manors. For more street duty, I like the looks of the Kenda K270
  12. fundgh

    ssw/mrd fcr mx? hope it was worth the money

    Something is wrong with the bike or your "seat of the pants" dyno. I bought a used 05 a couple years ago and it came jetted and had the 3x3 already done to it. I simply added the FCR (stock pipe), and the bike came alive. Sure, its not like a whole new bike; but the throttle response and instant power was a significantly noticeable difference.
  13. fundgh

    counter shaft nut sticky?

    Rebar, don't fear riding your bike. While some have had issues and come up with all of these great resources for the fixes, the DRZ is a reliable bike and you shouldn't worry about running it stock. My DRZ has over 10 thousand miles on it (2005 S model) and it does NOT have any Loctite fixes, manual timing chain adjusters, super start mods, etc. I put a solid skid plate on it, radiator braces/guards, case cover armor, FCR39 and you basic off-road upgrades. I have put the spurs to this bike off-road and now with a new Motard conversion set-up, I am laying down the rubber on the tarmac as well. This past weekend I put a new chain and sprockets on it, so I did the loctite thing while I was in there, but it did fine for the first 10k miles. The point is you can ease into some of these things. These aren't requirements that you need to perform before you start riding the bike. They are just recommended mods to keep your mind at ease for years/thousands of miles of enjoyment.