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    XR 350 dual-sported?

    oh yeah i forgot to say that you will get about 120 km out of a 350 at redline and that you can't compare a 20 year old bike with anything newer - ie the klx 300 would prolly kick its ass cause if i do recall its a 2 stroker....
  2. bcraigen

    XR 350 dual-sported?

    hey man, i got an 1984 xr350r which i am currently riding on the street in vancouver. its not street legal in bc but it is in the yukon (my residency). my set up is simply insurance, a license plate and a two stage taillight with a simple switch mounted to the mechanical rear brake rod. i looked into the regulations in bc about making mine street legal when i move here and i assume ontario will be just as strict. you need high beams, signal lights, front/rear break actuated taillight, horn and license plate light. as far as trying to comply to that for a reasonable amount of $$, unless you strip down a junked xL to get all the parts then forget it. you also need to generate a lot more voltage to run all this stuff (my front headlight dims when i stomp on the brake) if you are riding in a rural ontario setting and just need to get to the trails then you might be able to get away with a similar set-up to mine. i know in whistler and pemberton north of vancouver the cops literally turn a blind eye to it and let people do it. take the risk, you never know what might happen....
  3. bcraigen

    Jerky Shifting

    I have not noticed the problem when engaging the clutch, it stands out the most when the clutch is not used at all, for example if I am in high rpms in third, let off the throttle and coast, then (still in third) twist the throttle and accelerate again. If I feather the clutch and let it out slow the problem seems to go away. Almost feels as if something in the drivetrain is sloppy. Will pull the clutch cover tomorrow and inspect and then reply. For the record I have already ensured that my air/fuel/spark is all satisfactory (although haven't checked compression due to lack of tester)
  4. bcraigen

    Jerky Shifting

    Hey everybody, I have been looking around and have not been able to find an answer to a small problem I have regarding my stock 1984 XR350R. This bike is getting on in the years but still runs grand. Recently though, I have begun to notice for lack of a better word 'jerky' pick up when I begin to accelerate after coasting. It is not noticeable off the line or if I am accelerating hard through the gears. The problem begins after I am at speed (any gear) and have let off on the throttle. When I go to twist the throttle again there is a slight delay in response that ends with a 'jerk' before the bike starts to accelerate. Initially I thought that it was worn chain/sprockets but after checking them, both sprockets look fine and the chain is still within the service length specified in the clymer manual. Anyone know what I am up against here? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.