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  1. skullhat

    505 SX Rebuild

    something got in there, otherwise the damage would be more spread out, say if you had an oil problem skull
  2. i wasnt aware that they were available in an on road version lol skullhat
  3. skullhat

    06 450 xc

    The 450xc sounds like it would be alot like a yz426 in the woods.... but better???? i had couple 426's , id say the 450 xc is way better, got one of those by the way. skullhat
  4. skullhat

    Adjustable T-clamps 14-20mm in 5 min.

    i run these clamps on my exc. as said, each set of inserts is good for 2 offsets. they also come with the stem and bearing installed, no need for a press. while the fender is a little tough to reinstall, it will go without trimming skullhat
  5. yes, you have to change both. i also reccomend the change to reduced offset skullhat
  6. skullhat

    dual sporting a 2000 wr400f

    fortunatly, i need no advice on what to spend my money on, though i do listen to the shepherd occassionly, and by a few new bikes each year. and i dont get my dual sport gear at radio shack, i dont like the tech support there,lol skullhat
  7. skullhat

    dual sporting a 2000 wr400f

    sheep? now what, first your ole lady runs off, now your side chick is hittn the road as well. skullhat
  8. skullhat

    dual sporting a 2000 wr400f

    richinorlando as you live near the magic kingdom, you may be used to the mickey mouse route on somethings, for the rest of us, id stay with the tds kits, as they are the most advancd, reliable, and lightest on the market. dale offers plenty of free advice and sets up the dc conversion for his customers, and then they enjoy a trouble free system from then on. sounds like your wife may have run off with a dual sport kit salesmen or something, as you seem to have a dislike for people who might know more about the subject. skullhat
  9. skullhat

    Chinese dual sport motorcycles

    pos is all i can say
  10. it was a great ride, had a blast. it was a very good route that bbtr laid out. challenging, but you could make it home. the dark always makes things seem a little tougher. boy is it dark up there when you shut down to stop, a chipmunk runs in bush, and you here bear or mountian lion. night rides are a blast, cant wait for the next one. make sure you got bright lights, want to than dale for the use of one of his halogen units. skullhat
  11. That's right, we haven't forgot about you and your buddy at RFK, you guys went into the trailer about 6:00 and came out at 11:00 wearing each others clothes. thats b/s, dale was wearing his own dress, we were watching helmet cam footage of kieth taking bailouts at varoius rides
  12. i ordered mine from trick dual sport and they had it in stock, got it the next day, regular shipping skullhat
  13. thanks for the pics james , the snow pics are priceless skullhat
  14. wouldnt you be better off mounting that hid on keiths motorhome?, thats the vehicle i always see at the lunch stops
  15. skullhat

    How about the Piutes for July 4 weekend?

    There is also fire roads for Kiethco where does he get his suspension done, ive seen that motor home in some remote places?