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  1. BDLSnLA

    What's an '01 426 worth?

    I purchased a "cherry" 01 426 in Sept 05' for $3000 out the door from a dealer in Thousand Oaks, CA. That may seem a little high but we pay tax, registration, off road fee assessment (and every other penalty for living in CA that you can think of). I am very satisfied with the bike and would do the deal all over again.
  2. BDLSnLA

    What year yz/wr 426 are you riding????

    I just bought a 2002 426f from Cal-Coast Motor sports in Ventura,CA. It is a very powerful machine. It appeared to be in excellent cond. I am very happy with it..(except, of course, the ankle-spraining,sweat-pouring, cursing, swearing, and general frustrations of starting it) how easy is one of these "hot cams" to install? Is it best to leave it alone and put up with the starting fiasco?