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  1. Yes, I ordered directly from Wings. I think it was $450 bucks. That's without the optional carbon side protectors. Those seem nice but I didn't think were necessary. The Wings pipe is very nice. Easy to install and great quality. And it doesn't give me 3rd degree burns if I touch it. And it's a pretty big weight savings over stock. It comes with 2 inserts. The quiet one is about the same as the stock pipe unless you really hit the gas hard. Then it is slightly louder. The other insert (which I am running now) is still pretty quiet at idle. But is much louder at throttle. It sounds fantastic! And I can still cruise through my work parking garage or neighborhood without pissing everyone off. Yes, I haven't monkeyed with the suspension either. That's next on my list.
  2. Hey Romy. I just bought a 2018 myself. I was going to wait to see about the new Honda but also wanted more horsepower and more versatility. Many people where I live now ride Adventure bikes. Most of the terrain is road or pretty smooth dirt. But I don't see any way, in my future, that I will ever own a 500+ pound motorcycle of any kind. I like performance, not pigs. I know some of the new Adventure bikes are awesome. But no thanks for me. I've only had my 690 off road once. Been trying to break it in and haven't had time to get to any off road riding. But on the street it is a complete blast! Around town, it is much more fun than my 2002 Ducati street bike. I tell people, it goes slow MUCH faster than my Duc. (My Duc goes fast, faster). The clutch is butter, power responsive, easy wheelie on throttle, but only if you want. Easy to modulate the power. Off road, it did feel heavy. But I haven't been off road in 10 years (I'm from Colorado originally). After a few hours, I was feeling pretty confident on it. And I had some gnarly downhills that it just ate up! I rode my old XR650L all over Colorado and Utah on super gnarly terrain and this bike is better in every aspect (that was a great bike though in its own way). I did replace the stock exhaust after burning my hand on my first ride. I got the Wings exhaust and love it. I've also replaced all of the plastic and graphics (just to have something stealth and different). Oh, and oddly, I'm the only one that actually likes the stock seat. Go figure! Awesome bike. Thanks for posting!
  3. Bryan

    Can a ktm 690 Enduro R do single track?

    Having said that, I just got mine and it's been a street princess until it's broken in. [emoji4]
  4. Bryan

    Can a ktm 690 Enduro R do single track?

    My buddies and I bought XR650L's in the 90's and took them on tight, gnarly, stupid stuff all over Colorado and Utah. Two of the guys raced A enduro and could just rip on those beasts. I finally got tired of picking the tank up and got into a WR400. But yes they are heavy. But at less weight than that Honda and what? 25-30 more horsepower? Yes they can take on about anything if you are willing to muscle it around and occasionally pick it up. [emoji846]
  5. Hey Bryan. This is Bryan. I'm a year behind you but just got a 2018 690 about 3 weeks ago. Great minds think alike! Let the mods begin!
  6. Actually it didn't do much damage. Just more awesome battle scars. And luckily I was close to Idaho Springs were I could buy new straps. I'll never forget the horrible site of my bike disappearing from sight in my rear view mirror. Haha!
  7. They work great. But warning: When driving in the rain, check the tightness of the straps often. Mine came loose then failed on I-70 about 10 years ago. WR did a somersault at 70mph and I dragged it by a security cable about 100 yards until I could pull over.
  8. Bryan

    2002 WR426 New Guy Buyers Remorse?

    Sounds like Paris Hilton: HOT (sorry, I haven't posted in a while, just thought I would check in with some sarcasm).
  9. Thanks for the quick response guys. I know the MTB'rs will hate my noisy WR. Cheers, Bryan...
  10. Bryan

    Drowned a WR400

    I submarined my WR400 when it was brand new years ago. I did what you did, then changed the oil twice, and it's been running great ever since. No worries mate! Bryan in Denver...
  11. I might go ride tomorrow and I've never ridden Captain Jacks. Is it fun? Long enough for an afternoon? The trail map says it's extreme. How extreme? Will I be carrying my bike over boulders for hours (like that nasty trail in Rampart)? Thanks, Bryan in Denver...
  12. Bryan

    Do you see the world in WR?

    Here is the original TTalk WR in Moab. Poison Spider Mesa.
  13. Hi Thumpertalkers. Remember me? I finally went riding last weekend with KerryT, formerly known as the wheelie king. Seems as though he has one of those new crappy WR450's. Actually, I rode it and now I'm depressed about riding my old WR400. It was awsome. No comparison. My WR400 is very sad now and has WR450 envy. Anyway, I took my Digital SLR along for the ride and luckily it made it back un-scathed. I would post this in the pictures forum, but this is my old/original home. Here is a panning/action shot of KerryT doing his think in the Hayman burn area around Woodland Park. Note that the bike has yet to take a digger.
  14. Bryan

    Happy 4th ThumperHeads... from Bryan

    Yes, I'm happy Bryan Bosch and Steve have taken it up many notches. Those guys are awesome! I started it in April of 1999. However, I was just messing around with some discussion software at home and put it on the web on my AOL account. But I couldn't find it once I published it to the web. So I thought it didn't get published properly. In about June or July, KerryT called me at 10:00 one night and said, 'Dude, your site is alive!'. People were finding it by typing Yamaha WR400 into Yahoo. The rest is history. BTW: I did take the original WR to Moab this March. Here is a slide show: http://www.propertysalessolutions.com/moab/ Cheers all! Bryan in Denver...
  15. Hi Thumpertalkers. Long time, no chat. Remember me? The founding father of T-talk (that makes me feel old). What's new in 4 stroke land? I haven't been checking in lately because it depresses me that I still have my original WR400 that started it all. And KerryT just bought a new 450. The dog! I just wanted to check in and say happy 4th from Colorado. Cheers, Bryan in Denver...