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  1. Is this correct? Ground connects to engine by clutch cable? The piece I'm talking about also holds down a clear looking over flow tube I'm guessing. If so the ground is pretty clean and bolted down good. I admit I have not sanded it down clean but you can see the gold color of the connections and silver of the aluminum great.
  2. Thank you both for responding. I will try your guys ground lead idea. Didn't think of checking where it connected on the frame. Hopefully that's all it is. I don't mind wrenching but hate all that has to do with electricity.
  3. Thank you for replying. I did have the tank and gas lines flushed, along with brake lines and fluid. Also carb was removed and cleaned out. The bike does fire and run fine with the kick. It's just the damn starter giving me fits. The only other thing I thought was maybe the battery was a dub, but I took it back to the shop and they gave me another. Maybe its to small. Hell if I know. I would just kick it but after buying the battery, and now seeing threads of kicking and cracking cases I'm scared to do that to (was used to the e-start, kind of lame kicking it over).
  4. Want to double check with you guys before going on the wire and fuse hunt. Bike worked fine before storage. Some years later I decide want to get it running again. This is a 05 450X by the way. Okay so I get a new battery for it because the original has been sitting 5 years unused and not properly maintained ( my own fault, case of the get around to it's). Per local shop owner I visit, I get a bike master BT5L-BS or 78-1316. I do the acid and slow charge for 24 hours. Go to fire up the bike and get the click from the rear fender sound. Sometimes it may turn one very slow rotation of the engine. So my question where should I start? I have read on here about fuses, starter dead, starter rebuild. All of those are great but I'm back to the it was fine when last used. With my limited mechanic know how I don't see why a fuse would blow in storage or brushes burnt. The fluids have been flushed and changed, tolerances that can be checked without complete disassembly good. What's a man to do? Any information would be appreciated. I have tried some search but have not come across a situation as lame as mine.
  5. crfs only has white, and also red right now. The guy there was real helpful with emails.
  6. Ill try giving some calls to the manufactures. Only tried contacting suppliers with no luck. I thought of the blanks but think ill tear them up too quick. That might be the only way to go right now though.
  7. I have tried searching but have come up with nothing for a 450x 05 plastic. Anyone seen a link for side panels in black or red? Rear fender also?
  8. Keyhole through belt on pants.
  9. Yeah the model and year would help. My bad. 05 CRF450 X.
  10. I bust the houseing on the clutch lever. The part were the hot start cable passes through. For whatever reason I decieded to get an ASV C/5 Pro series clutch lever and perch. The problem is I forgot about the lil switch and wiring in the stocl perch for the clutch. Should I take the ASV back and just go with another original or what options do I have? Any help I would appreciate.