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  1. Lawur2

    what to dowith around 300$

    Extremely easy answer. Buy a set of sub-tanks. The sub-tanks in TGT handlebars are the best I've found. No matter how good you think your suspension may be, sub-tanks make it better. Period. I have a couple of KXF's. After having the suspension worked on both, I put TGT bars on one. Its hands down easier to go fast on a bike with sub-tanks. BTW, the TGT folks have been great to deal with also. The bars seem to be impossible to bend, but I have managed to tear off some of the plumbing that goes to the forks a couple of time. Trashed the bike, but the bars held up great. Both times TGT replaced the plumbing parts for free. Great folks.
  2. Lawur2

    hotcams what to do now

    Put some 07 valves into an 06 couple of months ago. Intakes are the same but exhausts are different from what I remember. Anyhow, one of the two didn't fit in the 06 head. Rest of parts will fit, but not sure you want to use all of them. Hotcams should be fine under any circumstances. Cylinder is fine.
  3. Lawur2

    will 05 pro circuit fit a 06

  4. Lawur2

    how is the 05 kx250f

    Got a couple of 05's and 06's. No problems. All have been great bikes. Bought the 05's new and have well over 100 hours on both.
  5. Lawur2

    Big bore kit for kx250f

    I have a couple of 262 kits on my KXF's. One on an 05 and one on an 06. Really like both. Good increase in the low end grunt, but the piston is light enough it still rev's. Also doesn't put an undue burden on the transmission. I thought about going bigger, but after trying out the bigger bores I decided 262 was the way to go. Don't regret it a bit. Luke's Racing sells big-bore kits that are a lot cheaper than RPM. I have both and can't tell the difference in either one.
  6. Lawur2

    06 KX250F for me?

    rye - If you want to build credit go through a bank. As to the bike... my son and I have two 05's and two 06's. Change oil everytime you ride. Clean the air filter EVERYTIME you ride. Buy a Readyfilter reuseable oil filter and clean it EVERYTIME you change oil. DO NOT ride the bike like a two stroke. Stay away from the rev limiter. If you will do these things your 4 stroke will last a long, long time. 05's are good and 06's are better.
  7. Lawur2

    If you had to choose between these mods...

    Neither. Buy a Yoshi slip on & a PowerNow. Far more horsepower than either of your options and won't be hard on your valvetrain or bottom end so long as you don't ride in the rev limiter.
  8. Lawur2

    oil change on a 06kx250f

    So long as you change oil often (as in each ride or two) you need not worry about the small bolt. I change oil every ride and have never pulled the small bolt beyond the first oil change. Now over 100 hours on the two 05 bikes and no problems.
  9. Lawur2

    Carbuation issues

    Its a pumper carb accelerator pump issue. Suggest you invest in a Boyesen accelerator pump, then tune it per the instructions contained with the Boyesen. That should fix the problem.
  10. Lawur2

    05 290F (athena) won't start, help!

    Not leaner due to needle being raised and richer pilot jet (42 vs. 40). Main jet is a bit smaller but thats not an issue due to 14cc increase in engine size (262 vs. 248).
  11. Lawur2

    05 KX250F Suspension

    Why would you need a manual to rebuild the suspension? Buy a Pro Circuit dog bone for the linkage and your rear suspension should be in pretty good shape if you've kept it lubed.
  12. Lawur2

    Few questions on a 05 kx250f

    Titanium turns that pretty purple color when it gets hot. Neat stuff. As was stated earlier, 13/48 is stock. Probably feels geared too low because the 05 engine develops its horsepower at low & mid range. The PC pipe will add to that low and mid power making it even more noticeable. Just short shift and keep on going. Its a good bike if you take care of it. Change oil, clean oil filter, and air filter after every ride and it'll last a long, long time.
  13. Lawur2

    05 290F (athena) won't start, help!

    Check valve shims first. If they are OK start looking at carb jetting. I put on a 262 kit on an 05. Worked perfectly. Put one on 06 and bike was absolutely dead. No sign of life at all. Had to bump start it to make it run. I moved the needle to fourth slot from the top, put in 172 main jet, 42 pilot and new plug. Started on first kick.
  14. Lawur2

    I'm going to go check out a 2005 KX250F tomorrow.

    Own two 05's and two 06's. All four have been bulletproof. The 06 definitely handles better out of the box, but the 05 can be made to handle really well for less than $200. Simply buy a Pro Circuit dog bone for the linkage. Dramatically improves the handling. Would recommend an 05 to anyone. Its not as good as the 06, but it is very, very good.
  15. Lawur2

    2006 Kaw 250F Exhaust Choices

    We run PC Low-Boy full system and Yoshimura full systems on ours. PC gives more mid range punch. Yoshi TRS Full System stetches the power to the upper revs. Takes some from bottom end, but lets the bike rev out with a lot more punch in the middle and upper range. We also run Power Nows that are well worth the money. Would suggest you spend the money on a Power Now before you get the pipe.