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  1. wr250fDad

    TTR250's suck!

    okay i'll bring jersey and we'll both beat your asses
  2. wr250fDad

    Short rider on a Wr250f?

    not yet I will try this weekend
  3. wr250fDad

    Short rider on a Wr250f?

    Thanks for the advice. I am about 180 on a good day (big bones)
  4. wr250fDad

    Short rider on a Wr250f?

    Thanks. I am getting better each week!
  5. I am 5'4" and riding a yamaha wr250f. I handle the bike well but I have issues turning in the softer sand/dirt (riding in the pine barrens of Jersey). My question is can I lower the suspension without screwing up the bike or the shock? If I can lower do I just adjust the tension on the shock under the seat? Do I need to adjust anything else ? Please help. John H