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  1. smrich


    Just picked up a 07 klx110. Looking at all the mods I want to do an I'm confused. The 07 foot pegs and mount look like all the aftermarket ones. Did Kaw. change them for 07 or are they the same, an need replaced?
  2. Anyone use one of these "Works Connection Aluminum Throttle Tube - Honda XR250R / XR400R / XR600 / XR650R" on a XR650R saw on XRSonly website. Wondering if there are any +'s to running it. My throttle seems to sticking some, like it is on or off. Cable are routed good an lubed, an adjusted. Any no I never had a problem will XRSonly.com
  3. smrich

    xr650r street sm gearing

    Thanks for all the replies. I am running 15/43 or 44 an run mainly secondary roads an some trails/fire roads. I find that friends an I cruise around 70-75 with runs up 100+. Bike pulls great in any gear, first an second will stand straight up if you crack it, clutch 3rd an up you go. Think I'll try a 40 or 41.
  4. Was wondering what size sprockets those of you who have R's motarded for the street are running.
  5. smrich

    cush drive

    Sorry guys I think I'm having a senior moment! Think I was confused between my bikes, maybe the klr650 I was thinking of. Or not!
  6. smrich

    oil level ?

    Yeah, but can't some fall into the frame? Have you done this mode?
  7. smrich

    slipper clutch

    Tommy, thats what I thought. I was hoping there was something people found that I didn't! Hope someone does sometime.
  8. smrich

    slipper clutch

    Anyone make a slipper clutch for the XR650R?
  9. smrich

    cush drive

    Oh, my bad. I thought when we changed a rear tire on a L that there was like 4 or 5 rubber pieces in the rear hub like a sportbike (cush drive). It would help to have some play in there for hard engine braking so the rear tire doesn't act like you slammed the brake on an start hopping.
  10. smrich

    oil level ?

    yeah I saw the sight tube thing but it scares me to drill into the frame, where do the metal shavings go? Into the frame which holds the oil right?
  11. smrich

    SM entry strategy: XR? WR? SMR? Wait?

    dangermouse, in the states I know of a old motorcycle mechanic who works on DR's, who has a riding group of friends that all ride DR's. When they get together watch out! 15 older men all riding together, an fast!
  12. converted Honda XR650R or XR650L! I have 650R tarded an tagged. Don't get a KTM or Husky,pricey an high repair bills, few dealers, just my two cents.
  13. smrich

    Post SuperMoto Vids Here!

    Jolly, nice video, but the bitch emo music sucks! sorry.
  14. smrich

    cush drive

    I was wondering if we could run a cush drive like the 650l does, on a 650r? I have a 650r tard and sometimes I get rear wheel hop under hard braking, backing it in. Since I can't fine a slipper clutch for the 650 thought a cush drive would help. My friend has a L an I think I remember seeing a cush drive set-up. Would the L hub or aftermarket L hub fit the 650R? I have Talon hubs but I can't find them for the L. I might not be looking at the right places so thanks for anything you guys know.
  15. smrich

    oil level ?

    Thank you Jayrider! Now I can mark it an make sure its where it should be when it is warmed up.