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  1. FriscoKLR

    Need some help with my '06 YZ450

    There's good compression. No rag in the airbox or plug in the tail pipe either. The index mark on the crank was lined up and TDC verified by watching a screw driver in the spark plug hole come up\down at the index mark. Going to swap carbs, then entire ignition with my '09 and then whatever else until I find the culprit. Rebuilt this thing three times and always fired first couple kits, this one is frustrating!
  2. FriscoKLR

    09 YZ450 exhaust

    I gutted my stock can and added a PMB end cap and it did very little for my '09. I ended up with the Dr. D full SS and a '06 ignition and that combo really woke it up.
  3. My 2006 ZY450 won't start. It wouldn't start one day last fall and because it had been getting harder to start over the season I figured with 500 or so hours it had a valve or two that needed to be re-shimmed. The current piston has about 80 hours. It's getting spark and gas which lead me to recheck timing three times and that's not it. So far I've: *Re-shimmed; two intakes went -.05 everything else good. *New timing chain, rechecked timing then and two more times. *Inspected valves with head off wire brushed the carbon off, springs look fine, valves seat fine. *New Spark plug, getting good spark *New stator from my 2009 Yz450 *Swapped out kill switch *Removed carb, cleaned needle, pilot, main, check float, cleaned air screw. *Drained tank has fresh gas, and yes the fuel is on. What's left?
  4. Thanks for the quick replies. Does the yellow restrictive cone fit into the cylinder below it or is the cylinder from an older silencer for comparison? The stocker came with a brand new ProMoto Billet spark arrester end cap on it. Think I'll give cutting it out a shot before dropping $350+ plus on a new slip on.
  5. Just picked up a 2009 450f, have it in the garage next to my clapped out '06. What in the design of the shorty muffler on the '09 450f's can cost that much horsepower compared to the '06?
  6. FriscoKLR

    '06 YZ450f hot kicks very hard

    Nothing wrong with the kick start mechanism or on the clutch. This thing is really pissing me off.
  7. FriscoKLR

    '06 YZ450f hot kicks very hard

    It's nothing in the top end. Something mechanical in the kick start is binding up. Gonna pull the clutch basket tomorrow. Any other ideas to look for in bottom end?
  8. FriscoKLR

    '06 YZ450f hot kicks very hard

    Never mind, that wouldn't be temp specific.
  9. FriscoKLR

    '06 YZ450f hot kicks very hard

    Grey, is there anything to look for on the exhaust cam to see if the part that initiates the decompression is working?
  10. I have an '06 YZ450f with about 70 hours since last rebuild. Over the last couple rides its getting really tough to near impossible to kick over (feels almost like the pre-decompression YZ 4oo's & 426's) but only after its warmed up. Cold it kicks over fine. I'm getting ready to check the valves and new timing chain. Anything else to look for that would cause this? Thanks
  11. Got 10 or so used tires I need to get rid of. What are you guys doing to get rid of your used tires in Denver area. Thanks
  12. I got a bunch of metal shavings in my oil filter. They're aluminum or at least non-magnetic. No shavings in the oil that was drained. None in the valves all spec. No shaving beneath in the timing cover either. There was a few shavings in the clutch but none of the shavings are either clutch material. Runs great, no noises, any ideas before I pull the basket and look into the bottom end.
  13. FriscoKLR

    Hinson clutch basket woes...

    My stock basket was so godged up by the clutch plates it wasn't worth keeping so I cut it off the starter gear with a 4.5" angle grinder. I slowly tapped the gear into the new Hinson basket with a large socket and a hammer. Whole thing took about 20 minutes, but after a couple hours deciding if I really wanted to do it that way.
  14. FriscoKLR

    Rekluse clutch question

    Even set up perfectly the z-start override is sloppy and slow to the point of not being use full. The good news is that you'd probably never need it. Even on the steepest hills where a manual clutch would have been needed, the override wouldn't help in time to get revs back up. I had an override on my '06 for two years and never used it.
  15. FriscoKLR

    2009 YZ 450 NEW Video - Glen Helen

    Sweet, another year and no reason to upgrade my '06.