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  1. hardybaker

    XR400 toolkit on eBay

    Yesterday I bought a spark plug socket for my xr4 at the Honda dealer in Bryan, Texas. It does the job. I gasped when the parts guy said $23. and change. Now I remember why I never buy "new." I'm a second-hand kinda guy. HB
  2. hardybaker

    Pushing 41;should I get a XR400 or 250X?

    I'm 59. 6ft 3in, 240lbs. Just bought yesterday a VERY tricked out XR400 and I'm in love with it. This thing weight less than half what my bmw r1150 gs adv. weighs. Third gear wheelies and and I feel that I can throw this bike around. Street legal too. Low budget, low maintance and pretty good resale. Can't go wrong.