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  1. Bschu

    NFS craziness

    some california land managers must have transferred jobs into colorado. That bullshit has been happening for years around here. I hate to see this oozing into states that actually don't have their heads up their ARSE....
  2. Bschu

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    I got a sx tank I will trade you for the IMS.....PM me let me know..
  3. Bschu

    2009 KTM 300 XCW Starter Woes (bendix, etc)

    what "Giant" desert tank are you talking about? brand /gallons?
  4. Bschu

    Any real tuners out there?

    start with the horrible suspension....if you can't ride fast thru obstacles then why have more power. The fcr is very easy to set up....if you know what your looking for....
  5. Bschu

    Broken Push Rod Spring in Fork!

    IN one set of forks i had...they both failed.
  6. I am running a 3 Ring piston in my Yosh stroker motor. I had .......... do the work over when I was using too much oil. I did the valves, seals, etc. and a cam chain at the same time. The yosh kit uses OEM valves and Oem valve assembly. The 3 ring piston I used was lower compression compared to the 13.5:1 in the yosh kit.
  7. Bschu

    new to ktm....2009 300 XC

    not to be a nerd, but it looks to me as if the rear axle in installed incorrectly....Nut on the brake side....
  8. Bschu

    Round 7 NHHA Caliente, NV & VCMC this weekend

    Nope. Might do the yerington race bc its close to my house.
  9. Bschu

    Round 7 NHHA Caliente, NV & VCMC this weekend

    Started in Panaca and ended in Caliente. Point to point. 2013. The BLM is different on the race terrain out there it seems. I personally thought it was the race to MISS last year. Even the second round of the Utah national had better terrain. The first round of utah in 2013 i thought was the best race of the year, I did 9 of 10 last year. Actual singletrack on steep side hill slopes....with wildflowers in bloom....hard to beat.
  10. Bschu

    Round 7 NHHA Caliente, NV & VCMC this weekend

    That looks to be much different terrain to last years National. I don't recall ANY singletrack at the race last year, just super fast sand wash to 2 track roads. The thunderstorm as the banner dropped made the race interesting last year. The area does offer some bitchin' ST, it just wasn't in the race course.
  11. Bschu

    FCR Woes

    I agree with noble, put in a 100 PAJ..If you don't have...then try a 48 pilot jet. I have my PAJ removed and have been between a 48 and 50 PJ and I live a 8K.... I think your K and N might like the 48 pilot also. Heck that 160 even sounds lean with the pipe ...did you say Cams and BB?
  12. Bschu

    FCR Woes

    In theory you are correct.....however when you rev the bike your off idle is changed when the needle was changed. As far as idle goes it sounds to me as its too lean...fuel screw kinda loses effect after 2.5 turns as you know. What are your jet and bike specs?
  13. Bschu

    19'' Rear wheel on a DRZ!

    Thanks! Great info. What rim did you end up using?
  14. Bschu

    FCR Woes

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/271735-how-to-confirm-your-pilot-circuit-setting/#!JR6mF I would start here. When you moved your needle to the 3rd clip,you are actually making it more lean.
  15. Bschu

    19'' Rear wheel on a DRZ!

    I have been running a 19" KTM wheel for years now. Used to have a in a free 19" tires....just peeled one of it yesterday and now they are all used up. I bought the 18" tusk spoke kit for ktm to mount to my old drz 18".....the tusk spoke nipple are too fat for the 18" rim. This thread is quite useful... KTM WHEEL FITMENT The how to “BIG PICS” - DR-Z 400 - ThumperTalk