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    Dawson, Ne. New MC/ATV Park

    The park has almost everything. Hills,valleys, creek crossing some muddy,some with rock bottoms. There is single track and if you want more just blaze a new trail. They said that more trails will be opened up. Basically last weekend was the first open to the public. They said they might get some jumps and big bike track started this week. Maybe an alligator double. Located on US 75 40miles S or nebraska city,20miles S of Auburn,about 75-80 miles S of omaha. Take Us 75 South thru Dawson ,about 1.5 miles S look for 709 Rd, turn Right (west)on gravel rd, go 2 miles to 638 ave. turn left (south). Go to the big ranch style pipe gate 70865 .
  2. toycrf

    Dawson, Ne. New MC/ATV Park

    Went riding at Dawson,Ne "RALLY POINT RIDGE" Sunday. The riding area & the people that run the park are great. Most of the trails are wide enough to fit Quads,Rangers or bikes. There is a perimeter trail that runs next to a 8-10ft.fence that surrounds the entire park, so you can't get lost:confused: . Plenty of side trails to challenge all skill levels. Owners allows trail blazing, which was alot of fun. Terrain is a mix of dirt and rocks so it can handle alot of rain (they had 1.5-2 in. rain from thur.-sat.) and trails were still very ridable. There is a peewee track and they are working on a adult track. They are very open to suggestions on how to improve the park. Daily pass $25, $250/yr, $400/Family of 4 or less.I can't say enough how nice all of the people that help run the park were. I live in lincoln and like riding track & trails so I'm very happy to see a place like this opening only 90 miles away. :ride: http://omaha.craigslist.org/mcy/656526078.html