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  1. the yan

    Tire Size

    I like bridgestone's, and feel the 110/90-19 rolls through the corners better
  2. the yan

    When to Tighten Cam Chain?

    Auto cam chain tensioner
  3. the yan

    Suzuki Off-Road dirt bikes?

    The team suzuki off road boys are running bikes that are really similar to motocross set up. They basically have big tanks, fullrap hand guards, skid plates and suspension set up. I don't think you need to totally change a moto bike to make it work good for offroad. Suspension is most important, a skid plate and hand guards protect stuff, and a big tank is good for long races, or lots of miles. I feel all the japanese bikes can be set up to work good for trail riding with minimal work, and they can be set up cheaper than a ktm, and will work much better.
  4. the yan

    loud bike

    my bike is loud. What can i do?
  5. the yan

    LONGEST jump

    i went 120 feet on a 50.
  6. what 06 250 f should i get. please don't say your favorite brand say the one you have ridden.
  7. the yan

    Products you will never buy again?

    all oneal boots. fly talon boots. and all fox gear. fox gear fell apart on the first ride . verry cheap
  8. does anyone have an 06 kxf 250 i am thinking of getting one and wanted to see if anyone has any feedback on one.i currently have a yz 250f and I am thinking of upgrading to one of these.
  9. the yan

    Airing out the 250F

    sick track where do u live?
  10. the yan

    why does RC etc.. stay in the AMA ?

    it is most competive in the us.
  11. the yan

    Check this out

    I don't think that changes the power that much it is just less sound.
  12. the yan

    mx vs. atv

    i have both also but I hate quads, by the way my mom rides the quad