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    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    I finished installing the Baja Designs DS kit today. Let me not be the first to say, "Now this is a DS kit !" Theres a shield on the back side of the light hood so theres no back glare off the head light (ingenious, no.... for the price, ...expected) When i hit the kill switch the bike actually shuts off....and the horn doesnt even honk ! (sarcasim, but yes, JRs kit honks the horn !) When the combo switch is in the full off position, nothing works and the bike wont start. (Are you takeing notes Joe !!) But best of all the moded stator (now 150 watts !) and new regulator keep the system voltage at 12.5 to almost 14 volts when everything is on includeing the HID hi beam !! JRs kit had my battery slowly dischargeing at under 12 volts and falling and it was only an incondesant head light ! (Hey Joe....BD told me first thing i needed a stator rewind or my battery will surely go dead. What happened to you............oh thats right.....you think just a regulator would fix that problem....LOL ! The guys at BD got a big kick outta that one)
  2. Desrt Rat

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    I paid for this with a credit card........ive already filed my complaint. Im about 90% sure ill get credited back. As far as anything negative comming to future Ca dual sporters ..... well, nothing personal but i think a lesson in beauracracey is advised. Look, im posting here and elsewhere because i feel obligated to fellow riders to put the word out on this guy. This kit isnt specifically for a 450X... Joe Wytman openly admits that. (despite his literature on his web site) Its made of cheap parts that just cant handle ANY kind of dirt-bike use......on or off road. He charges an arm and a leg for it because he knows most of his market share is uninformed. Its not properly wired because He either copied it from someone elses design or flat doesnt understand how electricity works. (He told me on the phone he designed the kit over 2 years ago.......to my knowledge the 450X has been out just over a year now) I gave him back a perfectly resellable kit. My guess is hell just put it back the way it was (one crimp connector, and two ring terminals.....) and sell it to the next guy..........for 700.00 !! Any other corrsepondance here is just idle "batting of the ball" Its of no real susbstance or concern. Its not going to help the next rider who just wants value for his money. The huge "red tape machine" we call our local government.....is just that. The fact is........green sticker bikes are recognized as "enviromentally friendly" 450Xs happen to pass Ca. state emmissions. The local San Jose AAA office is far more interested in internal fraud than it is about the Ca state vehicle code. Ignorance abounds.
  3. Desrt Rat

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    Oh yeah i hear you; This guys makeing good bucks on plateing bikes, hed be a mad man to jeopordize that. If things dont get resolved ill make a phone call to his Certifier and explain the situation about his actions........id imagine hed talk sense to old Joe before he aloud his job to be jeopardized. Oh.....and BTW NICE RACK !!
  4. Desrt Rat

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    Im right at a grand out of pocket to this guy. All i want is 700.00 which is the price of the DS kit. Even though he clearly broke Cailfornia State law to do it, he did come through with a plate. Ill calk it up to my own ignorance on that. He can keep that money. But if he presists in stone walling me about a refund and doesnt quite playing games ill have to get the DVM, DOT, Consumer Affairs, and the courts invloved (read sue him). Sad part is it wont all be on his plate.....his DVM certifier will definetly be at risk of looseing his license. DVM has zero tolerance when it comes to internal fraud or so ive been told.
  5. Desrt Rat

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    I only went with Joe Wytman because at the time i thought he was the only local game in town to get me a license plate for my 05 X. I got him from a suggestion here on TT. I knew from the onset that his kits were over priced but id hoped id get real value in return for a kit thats a good 50% higher in price than the next guys. I corresponded with him a number of times about the kit and its contents and installation. It truned out that its not a bike specific kit and its up to the buyer owner to make the thing work on your bike. Yes i could have made my own kit but at the time i was greatfull to find help on getting it license plated...so i figured id buy his DS kit as well. My mistake. I gave him back the kit and hes already refused a number of time to give back a single penny.....touting "no refunds on electrical items". I forewarned him id campain on the popular message boards so as to protect the next unsuspecting enthusiast..........in return i got negative/aggressive responses from Joe Wytman. His kit is over-priced and not fit for any motorcycle application IMO. Ive been an auto service repair tech for 16 years and have seen my share of junk and poor design.......this is no acception. Ive had a crash course in how to plate an X as of late.... I recieved my license plate in the box with my kit ! At the time i thought thats how it was done.......turns out him and his DOT certifier pulled a fast one on the DVM. No body ever even looked at my bike....Im in Huntington Beach and hes in San Jose ! ......whats worse he tried to charge me an extra 100.00 over and above the 250.00 i already gave him for the service of getting it plated without an inspection. I now know that anyone can get an X in Ca. plated for absolutly nothing but DMV fees.....its totally legal !
  6. This guys in San Jose Ca. Hes kind of like a phseuto Baja Designs. One of his products is a dual sport kit. I bought one along with paying him to get me a CA lic plate. Heres the note that i put in the box when i sent the kit back to him for a refund......the thing was over 700.00 ! Joe; I am returning this LED kit: I cant use this kit for the following reasons. 1) The brake/stop light portion of the rear light does not operate when the combo switch is in full off position. (While riding during the day on the street the brake light doesn’t work and is a safety hazard) 2) The horn does no function when the combo switch is in the full off position. (safety hazard) 3) Head light dims when motor revved when on low beam only. (possible bad combo switch) 4) Engine kill will not stop the engine from a fast idle when wired as per the instructions (because its grounded through the horn) 5) Battery will slowly discharge while head light is in use. (a rectifier wont fix this because the stock stator does not provide enough current to operate the system. This presents an extreme safety hazard and would definitely result in getting stranded at night…..possibly in the desert (this was never mentioned in the instructions or by you personally) 6) Hi-beam intermittently inop. (result of extremely poor quality head light assy. and illumination bulb mount) Major safty hazard. 7) This kit is made from parts that are clearly not up to the task of any kind of on/off road usage on my 2005 Honda 450X and could absolutely result in an accident or other mishap. It is totally unsafe. This is a demand for a full refund check (700.00) of this kit to be mailed to the following address: XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX If funds are not received within 5 business days of delivery confirmation of this kit/message, i will file a complaint with my credit card company and you will most likely pay it anyway.