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  1. Forever Four

    valve noise

    My 98 XR250 has never had the valves adjusted. Slight noise but not bad. I adjusted to the wrong numbers (.005 int. and .008 exhaust) instead of .05mm and .08mm. Very noisy! I reset to .002 int. and .003 ex. as per my Clymer's manual. It's still worse than before. I disconnected the manual compression release to make sure it wasn't a problem. Did I damage something or am I just screwing up again?
  2. Forever Four

    xr or yamaha?

    I checked out the TTR250 before I bought my XR. They're a little taller. I trail ride mostly and my XR is indestructable. My friend had a WR and he told me I probably made the right call with the XR. (My son rides a TTR125 so I'm not being prejudice). Also, radiators are a big deficit if you fall on rocks.