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  1. t e rider

    Bolt on post for Scotts Damper (WR250)?

    brp does make a bolt on post of the wr, yes you have to do a tiny bit of filing on the welds. When I ordered my BPR sub mounts with the Scotts damper it came with the bolt on. Yes the wr is stable, but the damper saves my messed up hands, it lets me ride more relaxed= longer.
  2. t e rider

    spark arrestor

    I ran into the no "usfs" stamp problem on the trail. I had a copy of the spark arrestor page from the owners manual in my fanny pack, had the usfs officer run the stick in the silencer, showed him the krizzman stamp. He told me that it was probably altered and that If I had not been part of the organized ride (OMRA fund raiser) he would have written me a ticket. So I went out and bought an FMF TC 2, same style spark arrestor internals but hey for $119.00 it has a usfs stamp.
  3. correction I was on a wr 250 not a te 250 as stated by my dad. went back to a 2-t from the te 450. see you in Bend.
  4. the rooster rad. gaurds fit very good. they are listed for the 4t. the new ones have a back brace, I drilled 8 holes in the back of each on the brace. gotta flow some air. the mounting holes, stock bolts and all, lined up and no trimming of the plastics.
  5. t e rider

    usfs spark arrestor

    does the fmf still fit the 250's? all that they list is for 92-99 on the tc and tc 2 spark arrestors, could not find the crd on their web sight,(though i was looking more for their frame gaurds)
  6. t e rider

    usfs spark arrestor

    the 07 also has krisman 650a on it, but it will not pass inspection, because of no usfs stamp. I and you all know that krisman is the type of sparky. But not everyone knows that.
  7. t e rider

    usfs spark arrestor

    a few weeks ago I picked up an 07 wr 250 to replace my te 450. In the manual it states that the muffler is a spark arrestor. On the muffler itself there is no usfs stamp I know that the sparky is in the bottom of the muffler. I email the omra about going through tech for the Rock hill national and with out the stamp no pass. One of my ridding buddies ran into this with his 07 te at the china hat isde, untill we pointed out that the muffler is a tubine type and the usfs stamp is on the tire side of the muffler. I think that tree dogger was at china hat with is 07 wr, what did tech have to say ? Any ideas , my local dealer is trying to find aout what he can dig up from husky. any help would be great (I dont' want to but if I have to buy a new s/a.)
  8. on my o4 te 450 I ran with an led tail light a polisport twin 35 watt (70 total) head light at the first 24 hr and on the trail in the tnf with out any diming. now I run that light 90% of the time ,I put a switch on so that I can turn it offin the tight stuff. and at night races I run the halogen trail tech 8" with a 55 watt piaa super white bulb. No stator mods never had any problems. so up grading to a 55 watt bulb in the stock reflector should be fine.
  9. t e rider

    Triple Clamps

    Just a quick question regaurding triple clamps. I just bought an 07 wr 250, to replace my 04 te 450. On my 450 I have BRP tall triple calmps and stabilizer bar mounts. I think that the BRP's will fit the 250 but I am not sure (brp did not have an 07 wr listed yet when I called), common sense would say look at the two clamps side by side, but the 450 will be gone when the 250 arrives, so I am wondering if I shoud pull the brp's off any way?
  10. t e rider

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    32 years old grew up on huskys, 79, 250cr, dad had 2-81 420 autos, 85 250cr, 85 400 xc, now have 04 te 450(plated), son has 02 50 jr, bought for my father an 05 510 for retirement present. sonn to get 07 wr 250 and 07 te 450
  11. t e rider

    Periodic Maintainence List

    the bolts are steel and the swing arm is aluminum. I can't think of the word off of the top of my head right now, but they a dissimular metals and will eventualy fuse themselves together. If you put ant seize on the bolt it will create a protective film/lube so that the metals do not touch. also do this on you fork pinch bolts, front axle pinch bolts.the lube aspect will allow the bolts to be more accuratly torqued to the right setting, or so Ive been told
  12. t e rider

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    6'3" tall seat, brp upper clamps with tall mounts, pro taber windham bend bars, finaly fits great for distance rides/races
  13. t e rider

    Help-Bike won't start

    have you checked you idle? my 450 needs it bumped a little higher then you would think, to start.
  14. t e rider

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    age 31 have had a 79 250cr, 81 and 82 420 auto the 81 had the sweet fox forks,desert tank,and preston petty front and rear fender, 85 250cr now 04 te 450, 05 te 510 both plated , and my 5 yr old has an 02 husky boy 50, had a few jap bikes on and off road, and a couple of ktms mixed in their also.
  15. t e rider

    Clarke oversized tank

    sorry for the confusion, I grew up around Hood River and if I remember correctly Johny #2 had a wind surf shop their. Any way glad to see your now on a Husky I am the owner of the other Clarke tank(the yellow one) it sits a little high, but the fit and air flow is far better then the IMS it replaced.