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  1. The DRZ400E will be "perfect" for you. I had one and they are MEGA reliable. The elec start worked every time. You really can rest easy with a DRZ400E!!!
  2. Ah, I just read an article in the Nov 2007 issue of Dirt Rider. They set up a KLX450R for both trail and track use, and rate it very highly. Should I throw this bike in as an option? Again, considering my size etc.
  3. Oh, and I forgot to add: The tracks and riding around here is quite sandy conditions
  4. OK After listening to you guys, and reading through other posts, I have narrowed it down as follows: '08 Yamaha YZ 250 2t or a '08 YZ450F Yamaha has good support in my region, and I understand the Yami 450 is pretty reliable and the power not as brutal as the others. The 250 is of course easy to work on etc. In terms of which one of the two, I think i must go back to my original post: I'm 6'2 and weigh 240 I'll be riding at the local mx tracks on weekends I'll do the occasional harescramble I'll do the occasional trail ride The bike must "fit" me Based on this, help me with the final coice - PLEEEASE
  5. I guess I am interested to find out if any particular brand/model suits the larger riders like myself?
  6. with my weight, will the 250 2t have to be ridden on the boil the whole time?
  7. can anybody tell me how many ponies a 2T 250 puts out compared to a 4T 450, and how that power is delivered. Everyone is talking of the 450's having too much power for the average dude (like myself).
  8. Ok so a 2T 250 upwards sounds right. Any particular brand stand out as better to fit me? who is the market leader in that space?
  9. what about a brand new 2T YZ250, with suspension done for my weight. Which is the best 2T 250 out there at the moment? especially suited to my size. I hear the new 250 2T's are quite torquey as well.
  10. what's wilder, a 250 2T or a 450 4T? on an mx track, considering my weight and size?
  11. The DRZ is gone. Long story.... On the bright side, I get to choose a new bike. That's why I wanna get it right. DRZ was fine, but heavy and not nimble. Always felt like a compromise. Seems like there is much newer stuff out there now,
  12. Thanks Joe Are the 4T's easier to control than the 2T's (more torque etc.)? I'm thinking like a normal off-roader here...
  13. and what about a 2t 250 mx bike with suspension done for my weight?
  14. even with my weight?
  15. Hi all I'm 41, 6"2, 240 pounds, and have ridden bikes for a long time. done mainly off-road. I feel reasonably well-skilled on two wheels... The idea of trials has always appealed to me, but never taken it further. I'd like to get some advice from the trials experts out there on the following: 1. Am I too big to enjoy trials? 2. What bike would be ideally suited to my size. 3. General tips for the new and ignorant to trials. 4. 2T or 4T in trials (and which is best for beginners). 5. Is there a website out there that is exclusive to trials info. Thanks