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  1. xliquidevil

    84 xr500r crank

    I was wondering what kind of play you can have (back and forth not up and down) if any in the big end of the connecting rod on the crank thanks.
  2. xliquidevil


    So the head will work on my 84'xr500r but will the cylinder head cover off the 500 fit on the 600's head? The valves are not interchangeable? Thank you
  3. xliquidevil


    hello i was wondering if anybody knew if an 86' xr600 cylinderhead will fit on an 84' xr500r if not are the valves the same. Thank you
  4. xliquidevil

    Just bought a used bike.

    I'm with Humby thats f#$@in cheap.
  5. xliquidevil

    xr500r valve question

    thanks radar2515
  6. xliquidevil

    i got a ? about a lt230

    i have an lt230 and it smoked like a dog till i changed the valve seals. a k&n or even a uni on carb will work awesome just get a pre-filter for it to keep out water.
  7. xliquidevil

    xr500r valve question

    thanks radar2515 the chain dosent show any wear but ill replace it anyway my freind said they can streach? i only paid 80$ for the bike nothin wrong with it exept motor so it is no big deal.
  8. xliquidevil

    88' lt230s quadsport

    i have an lt230 quadsport i just have a few questions I just replaced the axle carrier berrings both berings are in tight but one seal sits out further than the other is this normal? and what is the easiest way to get front sproket off just get big socket and lace into it?? Thanks
  9. xliquidevil

    xr500r valve question

    i just got an 84 xr500r everything is in excellent condition except all four valves were bent i think the guy put fresh rings in it so maybe he set timing wrong? or did the cam chain slip? i have the valves out i was just going to put new valves and guides in or should i buy new cam chain as well? Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  10. xliquidevil

    xr500r valve question

    how do you close thread