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  1. rugby7

    Funny link

    www.gotfossilfuel.com LOL!
  2. rugby7

    Socket sixe for rear axle nut?

    What do ya know, just went and got the 1-1/16" and it works! Thanks fellas.
  3. rugby7

    what do you think?

    That 01 is a great looking bike...
  4. rugby7

    Socket sixe for rear axle nut?

    25mm for sure or just a guess??
  5. Hi all, need to tighten my chain and my 13/16" socket (biggest I have) is no where near big enough. I don't want to rush out and buy one only to come back and find it is the wrong size. What size is that nut, I have a 2005 YZ250F. Thanks.
  6. Hi there, Just got my gaurds and braces and having some issues installing the braces. The sheet that came w/ them says the rear Rad brace anchors on topf of the fuel tank mounting point and shares that bolt. The braces I have look more like they attach to the top of the engine mounting bracket and share that bolt. Can anyone help? Thanks