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    I ride my Crf 450 with a grin facter as great as the throtal response
  1. Canadian_SMR

    Hey all at TT

    hey wahts up xrrider yep that would be me, number 70 and its good to see that there is another kanuc here, Our dreams of gobal take over will be met!
  2. Canadian_SMR

    Hey all at TT

    Hey guys hows it going, Well i couldent figure out a good place to say hi, since im new to this forum. So since i ride supermoto i decided this would be the place. Well my names Devon McDonald and i ride supermoto up in the Canadian series. *yea i know your all thinking, "I dident know motorcycles ran up there in the cold? "* Any ways Darrick_Lucchesi sujested i stop by here and check this place out. So this is the first post of what im sure will be many. Cheers Canadian_Smr oh on a more personal note, Darrick i wanted to thank you and Doug for your help out at your school. in the following races for nasmoto that weekend i placed very well and had a great time. When i got back to canada for the race last weekend riding in the class i normaly ride in i know quite a few of the guys were surprised, becouse i shaved about 3-4 secounds off my lap times atleast down at the school. *since it was the first national round we went to in canada i had no points starting at 16th, and finished the finals with a 3rd place. wich gives me a front row start for this weekends round. * Well any ways just wanted to say thank you and id also like say for any one out there whos looking to improve there riding The school they run is top notch and alot of fun. Although it could have used lunch