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  1. zRedbullz

    Pair Air supply system?

    Thanks a lot! - relieved to know there's nothing to worry about. Cheers
  2. zRedbullz

    Pair Air supply system?

    Just to double check. I bought my 05 DRZ400E second hand. After reading the workshop manual, I noticed every DRZ is fitted with an air supply system that is attached aside the cylinder head. My bike, for some odd reason, does not have it. The previous owner has cut off the mountings, and left the hose dangling without the system. Can anyone clarify if this is a performance modification or should be fitted as standard? I kinda worried. Thanks
  3. zRedbullz

    DRZ400 doesn't rev clearly

    It's an 05 DRZ400 E model. No mods have been made as far as I'm aware. The bike was purchased used from a dealer - the last service was 350 miles ago. The bike ran fine at first until I left it outside for 3 days. Ever since (ridden it a handful of times), the bike suffers from this annoying problem every time I ride it - now stored in the garage.
  4. zRedbullz

    DRZ400 doesn't rev clearly

    I am still experiencing an irritating problem with my DRZ400. The bike starts well and warms up. But when I go to rev it, it feels as if the bike is bogging and will not clear - almost strangulating the bike. I've checked the sparkplug, carb, air filter and fuel - no better. Does anyone one have any ideas or possible cures? I'd like to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks
  5. zRedbullz

    Cruising cut out problem

    It's a Mikuni carb. Elevation varies between 200ft to 1200ft above sea level. It's such a problematic issue, and I just can't for the life of me solve it. The almost wants to hesitate while cruising, therefore giving a rather inconsistent ride - as if i'm running out of fuel.
  6. zRedbullz

    Cruising cut out problem

    Yup, checked the float and all is fine. I bought the bike used, it's an E-model and by the looks of it, the jetting is stock - no mods have been made either. So, running too rich on the needle is the culprit? Will raising the needle make any difference?
  7. zRedbullz

    Cruising cut out problem

    I've got an annoying problem with my DRZ. When I'm cruising steadily at around quarter of a throttle in all gears, the engine has a tendency to fade and drop - almost feels as if I'm running out of petrol. I've cleaned the air filter. Checked the spark plug condition. Pulled the carb and cleaned all the jets. Checked fuel filter. The problem still persists. Could it be the electronics? Has anyone experienced this kind of problem? Any ideas or solutions? Thanks
  8. zRedbullz

    Crf 450 Gearing

    14-44 gearing on my 250X allows me to do 50 - 55mph at 5,400rpm comfortably. The set up gives me a good balance - reasonable low-end power and enough top-end for 50mph cruises. Anything more than 60mph will require a 15 front sprocket to increase the final drive.
  9. zRedbullz

    Is motocross a sport?

    The question is the equivalent of saying: Is the Pope catholic? Do bears shit in the woods? Do aeroplanes fly?
  10. I'm undecided on which EVS brace to go for. SB202 OR SB203. The compression straps are useful, but it looks it might get in the way of clothing. What are you guys running?
  11. zRedbullz

    Rear axle nut

    Yup 32mm. I find using a breaker bar to be best suitable for removing wheel nuts, on both bikes or cars, then tightening with a torque wrench for accurate reading.
  12. zRedbullz


    Could that explain why the state of US economy has gone tits up since the credit squeeze?
  13. zRedbullz

    Passengers pegs

    I bet you have you really stiffen up the rear shock when carrying someone. Have you ridden with a passenger yet?
  14. I've used various of Snap-on tools for my bikes. Since I live in Europe, I needed to refreshen my tool box. While looking around, I came across to Beta tools (handmade in Italy). They supply their tools to Ferrari F1 team, Fiat Yamaha and most Moto GP teams including Rally teams. I decided to purchase a tool kit to find out if they really live up to the name. I must say, having used Beta tools for a week now, they are resounding tools on par with Snap on. The quality is outstanding (especially their twin Hex T-handles) and in most areas, will prove a worthy competitor to Snap-on. Beta tools are a little cheaper than Snap-on and around the same price as Mac tools. Well known in Europe, but are pretty much unheard of in the USA. I thought it would be worth raising this to your attention should anyone be looking to purchase new tools. You have a USA dealer apparently: http://www.procarestores.com/
  15. zRedbullz

    Stock DID chain help

    Cheers for clearing that up. A new chain time....