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  1. Thanks for all the helpful info! Any idea where I might find a filter skin?
  2. Thanks for all the great info. I think I will order my paddle tire today and attempt to do it myself. If I have too much trouble I'll take it to my local dealer (which is still 30 miles away). I have three air filters so I plan on taking all three ready-to-go and some oil for an oil change. Do I need any special licenses or anything for the bike to go out there. In Texas we don't have anything so I'm just curious.
  3. I am going to take a trip with some friends to Glamis. I normally ride my rmz450 on motocross tracks, so this will be my first time in sand on a dirt bike. My main concern is what I should do about a rear paddle. I know nothing about them. I think my best bet is just to switch the tire out on my stock rim since I will rarely be riding in the sand. What kind of tire should I buy and where should I get it? How difficult is it to switch a tire myself, or should I take it to a dealer? Will their be clearance issues with the paddles? Any other info I need will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Yeah, figures that the clutch will not fit. I would just like my levers to be a little shorter if possible. I guess I could always buy factory levers and shorten them, but I would much rather buy some aftermarket. I have already bought the Dr. D remote hot start. It's great, no idea why it doesn't come factory. Oh well...well worth the money.
  5. 1st I was wondering if the levers from a 05' RMZ250 will fit on the RMZ450? 2nd, I was wondering if anyone has replaced their factory levers for aftermarket ones. I like the look of the Moose & MSR Competition levers, seems like the rubber grip might help. I would like to keep the factory perches if possible. I cannot find anyone on the internet that lists levers for the 450.