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  1. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    Does it have to do with the way the air enters frome the side instead of the center ???
  2. desertmoon70

    Old 250...

    Can anyone tell me what compression should be on a early to mid '80's trail 250 Yam.? Thanks ahead, Bill.
  3. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    Actually it ran better, to my suprise. When I hit 3rd and totally twist it, it completely falls out, or 2nd etc..I never imagined this would be so complicated, for me. Should I try tweaking the adj. screw on the bottom of the carb.? I saw that you told another drz fella to turn the fuel screw out 2.75 turns. The JD kit says to turn it out 2 turns. Is that my problem ?? He has the same config. as me.
  4. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    I did a couple laps around the block and it wouldn't let me twist hard and go, so I would say worse. The bike was warmed up well. Bill.
  5. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    When theres a load on it, or when your really twisting the throttle. I don't think I can get high rpm with a load on, maybe in neutral. Hope this helps, sorry this is hard to do over the internet. Bill.
  6. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    Cuts out when the throttle hits about half. I covered up half of the hole with tape and it ran like a dog that just peed on an electric fence. I figured try asking before messing with it because I can't get to the bottom of the carb like the jet kit says, I have to take it out. Thanks again, and I am taking notes so I don't always have to come here. The page on how to check pilot cicuit is awsome, great idea. Bill.
  7. desertmoon70

    Too much air.????

    Sorry, guess I went a little crazy there. I used the JD kit and the hole is more like a 4" circle with expanded aluminum for a cover. It seems to cutout when I really open it up, idle fine. It is a drz400sm. I did the jetting according to the instructions. Thanks for all your help Burned, Bill.
  8. Help me Burned, I bought the jet kit and did my drz. Only mod is the air mod, I closed off the under seat intake and made one on the side. I think its getting too much air, runs awsome when I close off some of the intake. Can I use a different jet or will I just have to dial in the air mod?? Thanks ahead, Bill.
  9. desertmoon70

    Yamaha Blaster trans. problem...

    Friend of mine traded for a blaster, 02 we think. The clutch will not DISengage, pulled the linkage out of the trans and theres a mark where it looks like something has gone wrong inside. Just wondering if anyone else has had this prob. Are there any web pics of open trans. or free manual pics?? I have ordered a manual from the dealer. 4 to 5 days. Thanks ahead, Bill.
  10. desertmoon70

    open airbox jetting...

    thank you...
  11. Just wondering what jetting I need for the air box mod only, with stock exhaust. '05 drz400sm. Thanks ahead, Bill.
  12. desertmoon70


    Looking for graphics for a black drz, have seen xgx already. If you have some already I would like to see, post 'em. Later, and thanks Bill.
  13. desertmoon70

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    When this thread stops we just start a new one right ???... Right...anyone...Buehler...
  14. desertmoon70

    what fits 17" rim...?

    Can anyone tell me what tire sizes will fit the 17" drz rims, ther aren't many 50/50 120, 140, 17"tires out there. thanks ahead, Bill.
  15. Hello all...I am wanting a mor aggressive tire for winter trail riding, but can't seem to find any to fit my 17" drz wheels. I need more traction off road. Thanks ahead. Bill, 05 drz 400sm. And yes I went through some of the archives.