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  1. rpetot

    Another Carb Question: Jet Needle Slide

    Been in there a couple of times and havent spotted anything ugly. What do you think about it being a petcock issue? Hmmmm.
  2. rpetot

    Another Carb Question: Jet Needle Slide

    Update: I took my .032 washer out from under the needle, and now (After a full night of scratching my head) have the pilot screw adjusted to 1 3/4 turns out. Ended up here cause I figured it was too rich since it was surging and what not. Not too much of a improvement this morning on the way in..... unless..... If I cracked the choke WIDE OPEN, it runs great. So that means it's too lean right? Well this doesn't make sense. I'm at 5000 to 6000 feet, its hot out, so I cant be THAT lean on gas. Does the stock jetting need opened up THAT much? Thats insaine. How in the world can they be that lean stock and still run anywhere, much less 5000 feet elevation. Thoughts please.
  3. rpetot

    Another Carb Question: Jet Needle Slide

    I'm gonna have to classify it as acting surgy and lunging. It will kind of start to cut out and then lung to catch back up with it's self. This would say rich yes? This kind of makes since because, here is CO, we get a pretty decent temerature swing between the morning and the afternoon (like 20 to 30 degrees), and it's almost always worse in the afternoon when its hot. The air is less dense when it's hot, therfore making the bike that much richer. You agree? The only confusing thing is, that cracking the choke still make a difference (I think). Like I said before, it doesn't totally clean it up, but definately does something. I think I'm gonna try taking my shim washer out from under the jet needle and see what direction that takes us.
  4. rpetot

    Another Carb Question: Jet Needle Slide

    Right on. Thanks a ton to both of you. smashinz2002: Yeah, I knew what I was getting into when I took the air box cover off. Like I said, that was more out of curiosity. Pretty much affirmed that I'm running too lean at 1/4 throttle since it didnt change anything. Stiletto_72: I have been playing with the choke and it does indeed make a noticable improvment, which again, tells us its lean. Will pay really close attention to the behavior tomorrow back and forth to work and bounce that against what you found in that article (Which is excellent info by the way.) Dont worry smashin, I aint giving up. I love this bike and have a blast buzzing around on it, even when its not behaving. Thats why I'm pretty anxious to get 'er tuned up right and really rolling. Thanks again fella's. Will keep ya posted on my progress. Heading the right direction for sure.
  5. rpetot

    Another Carb Question: Jet Needle Slide

    I have't done any mods to the bike besides shimming the jet needle. It's brand new. ~425 miles. Owned it for only 2 weeks now. Will take a good look at the diaghram. Where does it pull the vacuum from? Maybe I got a hose that's not hooked up correctly / fully / kinked? As far as the behavior in different gears. Yes, it acts the same no matter speed or gear. I have paid allot of attention to this to make sure it is directly related to the throttle position, and it is for sure. Will take a good look at the jet while I have it apart too (Kinda already on my list to do) Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Need to understand the operation of the needle slide. What causes it to raise as you crack the throttle open? According to a "Carb 101" site that was posted on this DR forum, the slide is the primary source of generating the mixture around 1/4 throttle. This is where my DR650 has it's major flat spot. I think finally I got my pilot screw set up to where it idles great, and picks up off of idle without any problems(Actually a bit rich, but still tweaking). But as I roll back on the gas, I hit that flat spot and the bike bogs and surges. I believe that I am still lean in this throttle range. I've shimmed the needle up about .032, but that hasn't really made a huge difference. I tried removing the air box cover just out of curiosity, but as I expected, that didn't buy me anything. Should I shim the jet needle up a bit more? Or is there somthing I can look at on the slide to make sure its functioning properly? I've been playing chess with this bike for about a week now and think I'm getting pretty close to getting 'er running pretty smooth. Any info appreciated.
  7. rpetot

    Percentage Methanol in gas

    Owners Manual talks about gas with more than 5% Methanol may cause performance issues and even possible fuel system damage. Has anybody experienced this? I've been trying to get my bike tuned up the last couple of days, and while its improving, I can't quite nail it. Once I saw this in the manual, I ran up to the gas station that I filled up at last, and sure enough the little sticker on theh pump says "Contains up to 10% Methanol". %$&@!!!!!!!
  8. rpetot

    Carburator question

    Short version: Yep
  9. rpetot

    Jet Needle Spacer (washer)

    Anybody have a picture of what this mod looks like? Thanks in advance
  10. rpetot

    New DR650

    nickyd, Yeah, Thanks. I have learned alot about this issue in the last day or so. I actually started a thread on it if you want to see the progress I'm making. Slow but sure. "Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650 "
  11. rpetot

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    Just a quick update here. I decided to make one more tweak this morning before I left for work. I adjusted my mixture screw to 3 turns out. I also put some 91 octane gas in the tank before I called it a night last night. She was a little hesitant in the first few miles this morning, but the rest of the way felt pretty good. I'd call it about a 88% improvement actually. Will do a little bit more tweaking on the mixture as I feel the need, but it's about to the point to where I can get it the rest of the way through break-in without getting whiplash from the surging. Thanks krazyinski for the link. That will be a great education for me. And I feel the same way about the dealerships. Absolutely hate deling with them, and then when you do, you still don't know what you got to work with. I'm all about learning and doing it myself. So far so good. At the same time, I dont want to get too crazy with it before 500 miles rolls by. (Which at this rate will be this weekend! Loving the ride. Can't wait to throw a jet kit in there and really play around with it to get it rock'n.
  12. rpetot

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    Well, I gave this a shot tonight. Even put a washer/spacer on the needle like everybody has been talking. While there is an improvment, I still got somethig going on. I almost classify it as a surging now, as opposed to a cutting out. Sounds a little more blubby (Is that a word? ) now too. Think 2 1/4 turns might be a little much? need more? Did I mention that I live in Denver? Altitude might be making it difficult for me you think? Going the right direction for sure though.
  13. rpetot

    Mixture screw plug??

    Hope this isn't a totally stupid question, but do you have to have to replace that brass plug after tweaking on the mixture screw? If so how. '05 DR650
  14. rpetot

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    Right on. Thanks. Been contemplating all afternoon wheather or not I should just do that tonight and blow my appointment at the dealership, or go ahead and take it in to them tomorrow and see what they say. I'm treading lightly since this is the first brand new bike I've ever owned. Dont want to screw up the warranty or nothing. P.S. Do you have to replace that brass plug once you drill it out??
  15. So I just bought a DR650 last Thursday. Brand Spank'n New. I've put about 150 miles on it so far, and I've picked up on something that isn't right. At speed, say 50 or so in 4th gear (Decent RPMs) the bike bucks on me a little. It's like it's loosing power starving for fuel or something. If I crack the throttle, it picks right up again. Even accelerating through 1st and 2nd gear it hesitates and bucks. Just seems like if I'm not cracking it open (which I haven't really done since I'm still breaking it in) then there is just sparatic power. Same with tooling around at 40 in 3rd. It's even hard to go slow in 1st cause the bike cuts out thn picks back at random. Makes the throttle a little unpredictable if you know what I mean. A friend here at work had me run an experiment: While going down the road and experiencing this sputtering or slight cutting out, I started cracking the choke open. Sure enough it made a noticable difference in how smooth the motor ran and how much power it was providing. He said that that means it's running lean, which makes sence with the way it feels. Sooo.. I'm supposed to take it into the dealer tomorrow to have them take a look at it, but I just know I'm gonna get into a pissing contest on them tweaking the carb under warranty. I see it coming. I'd do it myself if I knew how. Anybody get any suggestions on doing this in my garage, or do you think that is even the problem? Remember though too that it's not broken in yet so I don't want to do anything that would be bad for it. I do know however that it should be running better than this out of the box. Thx