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  1. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    Now see, this is more useful info, or things I like to hear, an honost opinion with you reasoning to back it up. Whether I agree with it or not. For me and what stroke I like, I do prefer 250 2-strokes most of the time for play, but I'm going to give it a more serious (as serious as a full time working dad and husband can get;)) go at MX this year and do a handful of races. I'm not necesserily faster on a 450, but I'm a lot more consistent and make less mistakes on one..like most I'm sure. But I have fun putting down consistent laps...hey, it helps my ego and the wife digs it. So hopefully she holds together for a year or 2 and then I'll send it on it's way. The bike not the wife. I previously had a '05 CRF450 for 2 1/2 years that I rode every other weekend and only changed the oil in it often, and I admit didn't trail ride it for fear of racking up the heat and hours on it and it go boom or need valves, but it ran like a champ without one issue and those had a bad rap on the forums for eating valves. But that is why I have the ol' whore of a CR250. I take it camping with the guys, run the crap out of it through the woods, on hills, through mud, and then can go to the track the next weekend and it be tight as can be.
  2. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    LOL, that's a good way to put it. I took a couple years off from the MX scene, and used to I'd get all kinds of useful info in no time, slow economy must of drove off a lot of riders. But there will always be the trolls who shoot from the hip and know it all on the net.
  3. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    Have a 2 stroke, thanks again but I'm not looking for tips on 2 strokes either. And yes, I would like your opinion on the '07 RMZ450 as long as you explain why it is bad or good in your opinion.
  4. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    While I do agree a lot of sellers blow smoke up your butt, I'v e been around this long enough to know if a bike truly has been rode 5-10 hours. But I'm not looking for buying tips, I'm looking for tips on the '07 RMZ450's.
  5. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    This thing looks like it was just rolled off the show room. I found it from a dude that bought it to trail ride with his kids and never really got out much. Tire, chain, sprockets all stock and in great shape. Doesn't really have many normal light scratches in it.
  6. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    Definately on modern 4 strokes like fresh oil, I was just wondering if there are any horror stories or the opposite, good stories in general about these, a particular area to look out for. Likes? Dislikes?
  7. motox262000

    New to me '07 RMZ450

    Hey guys, just picked up a very low hour (5-10) '07 RMZ 450. I used to own a '05 CRF450, but do not know much about the Suzuki's Any of you guys have any good info on these? Links to articles? Things to look out for on these? Thanks for any advice!
  8. motox262000

    Indy SX tickets and Pit Passes

    Oh I see, I thought everywhere had the option for fans to walk the pits. Bummer. Well thank you anyways guys!
  9. Can any you guys tell me the best way to get tickets for the Indy SX, and what the normal routine is to show up and possibly see the pits and bikes and all that? What time does it all typically start? I've went years ago but just showed up in time for the races with some buddies, but I'm taking my wife and daughter this year and would like to give them the full effect. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. motox262000


    Talking about a hater........ Travis sure is being an idiot for doing something that would make you creme your pants even if it is turning left. You guys crack me up:smirk:
  11. motox262000

    Under Pressure? What's with Honda.

    Nascar would beg to differ. (Don't let this reference turn this into a Nascar bashing thread)
  12. motox262000

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    No he was not there that day. He rides everythign like me, but he mainly just rides his KX250. The young thing out of the blue is killing me, this is the 2nd time within 4 years. Thank you for those with the thoughts and prayers
  13. motox262000

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    I come to you guys with a heavy heart, my best friend Aaron Adams and his girlfriend Amy Dorn got in a motorcycle wreck in Lebanon and they died instantly. He turned 26 the day before. I th ink maybe Chris was the only one on here to meet him, I can't remember, but Aaron is the one with the KX250, #128. If any of you wants to see pics of him I have a lot of them on my myspace, I think the url or whatever is myspace/motox26. Or just look up Brandon Fischer, that's my name. The shame of it is I lost one of my other best friends, Jonathan Frye, almost 4 years ago in a ATV wreck. # days before his focking 22nd bday
  14. motox262000

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Where and what is that? Street or dirt?
  15. motox262000

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Hey Husky, I have been traveling a little with work again and haven't been able to keep up in here, but how have you been doing since the lay off? Any luck with finding work? My wife just got laid off as well, which sucks because it was a great job while she is in school. Might be in luck tho and she has a opportunity at a doctor's office in Centerville that will work with her schooling.