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  1. I own a 2009 G450X with 300 miles and 9 hrs on the clock. I have owned it for two years. From day one it has been a very un-reliable bike. It has been plagued with the inability to start. It is random in nature from cold starts to hot starts. I have had to trailer it back home on many occasions from stores, gas stations etc. The battery holds up just fine for several minutes of attempted starting. The times it will start I will get a pop from the exhaust then nothing. Then I hit the start button again and again until one of the pops start the engine. If I hear a pop and continue to crank I get nothing until I stop and re-start. The bike has been to the dealer and was diagnosed with a bad injector. After three weeks of waiting on that repair it started a few times and now I'm back to the same old thing. I have replaced the injector relays from other recommendations with no success. Today I drained the gas and put ethanol-free gas in it to rules that out. Strange thing is that as it cranks I smell no un-spent gas smell from the exhaust. My next step is to possibly suspect valve are out of spec. Any ideas? Also, I want to add that the bike has stalled on occasion and after several attempts, refires.
  2. ricochetron

    Bought Used 06 YZ250F, Stock Jetting??

    Just running it in the garage after a few moments, it hesitates on harsh throttle off idle but if I roll onto it things seem fine. Elevation is 1000 ft.
  3. Bought a used 2006 YZF250. Was told it was bobe stock and it appears to be just that. Took the carb. out to give it a good cleaning and here is the jetting. Tell me if it is stock. The information I give is exactly what was on the jets. First of all my elevation is 1000ft if anyone has any suggestions. Main jet: 178S Starter jet: 72 Pilot Jet: 42 Leak jet: K-105 (that's what it said if I am looking at the right jet, seems high though) Needle: 3rd clip position Pilot screw was adjusted at 1 3/4 out (i put it back to 2 1/4 per manual), should I have left it? Bike seems to run decent but I don't know what to expect. This is my forst thumper MX'er. Also, I replaced the stock muffler with an 08 stock one (got it dirt cheap) in the hopes of quieting it down a bit. Will this muffler change fronm 06 to 08 screw with the 06 jetting specs.
  4. ricochetron

    YZ85 went from 150 compression to none!

    It looks more than likely to be carbon. I don't see any evidence that the ring lands are smashed together.
  5. ricochetron

    YZ85 went from 150 compression to none!

    Took of the cylinder and here's the deal. Everything looks fine as far as wear goes. However, the ring is stuck in the groove, will not spring out. Strange. Has anyone had this happen. Ok, what brand piston do I get, Wiseco, OEM Yamaha. Suggestions?
  6. Bought an 06 YZ85 with a tested compression of 150 psi. Bike worked fine, rode fine. Took it home and went to start it and it was a bit hard to kick but soon started. Compression felt fine. Ran it for appx 15 seconds and asked my wife to try and start it. It simply went from having great compression to practically none and wont start. What happened here? Did the ring get hung up and broke or is it stuck and wont expand?
  7. ricochetron

    YZ85 Big Wheel clearance issue, need your advice!

    The longer chain I put on the bike is adjusted for proper tension but is at the rear of the adjustment. It is giving me the required clearance for the swingarm. When the chain stretches it will need adjusted and I will immediately run out of room. Will moving from a 47t to a 49t sprocket make much of a difference to give me additional adjustment room?
  8. ricochetron

    YZ85 Big Wheel clearance issue, need your advice!

    Thanks for the info but for a basic woods bike I don't want to get into that kind of expense.
  9. I just bought a YZ85 for the wife. The previous owner did a big wheel swap with the original swingarm but the rear tire rubs the black plastic guard at the front of the swingarm. The stock chain is 118 links. I tried to put on a 120link chain to bring the tire rearwards but barely ran out of adjustment. Here is what I thought to try next. The stock rear sprocket is 47t. I could either put a larger sprocket on the back with the longer chain and have a happy medium or go back to the stock chain length of 118 links and try a smaller one to get the clearance needed. One other thought would be to keep things the way they are and lengthen the slot in the swingarm a bit more to get the needed adjustment for the longer chain with the original sprocket. Any thoughts on this one?
  10. ricochetron

    06 YZF250 Flutters at High RPMs, all else is good!

    I plan on putting on a FMF Q2. Will this alone richin up the bike's top end rpm range a bit?
  11. Bike is all stock and runs good for the most part but flutters at higher rpm ranges. I had a friend check out the bike who races Yamaha's and said get rid of the stock pipe and it will sound better. Any help here from you pros? About 8 hours on the motor ago I had the intake valves replaced under the yamaha recall program through my dealer so I hope the shimming is within spec.
  12. ricochetron

    Oil paranoia, maybe?

    Just bought a used 06 YZ250F. Did a full service on the bike including an oil/filter change. Old oil was really dark from poor maintenance I assume. After riding the bike a couple times I noticed the oil in the sight glass was dark. I figured the fresh oil from the change cleaned out the engine real good. So, I decide to just change just the oil again and get some cleaner stuff in there. I drained the engine and the small tank up front. Ok, now is where I get a little paranoid. Not wanting to overfill the thing, I refill the engine to the top of the sightglass, which only takes about .65 quarts. I start engine for about 30 seconds revved it a couple of times, shut it off then wait a minute, recheck sightglass and it is empty. I went ahead and put the remainder of the quart in and again started the bike for about 30 seconds. Shut it off and waited to find the sight glass mostly empty. Said screw it and put in the other .25 quarts in and it took care of things. I don't know where the first .65 quarts went but I hope they went to the most important things first and did'nt do any damage. IS MY ENGINE NOW PISSED AT ME OR WHAT !!
  13. ricochetron

    My dealers blow, where do I mail-order parts?

    Thanks for the leads. One person asks where in Ohio? North Columbus.
  14. I'm in Ohio and just bought an 06 yzf250 and attempted to buy parts for usual service but my dealers are more into selling new bikes than bother with parts for oil changes and crap like that. I need a lead on a good place to mail-order parts that is reletively close for fast shipment.
  15. I want to run this idea accross some of you experts out there. I notice that my 05 DRZ400 has a throttle response issue that reminds me of surging at the lower RPM range. Now, I know there are mods like the 3x3 air box mod along with carb. re-jetting. I am hoping to keep my bike stock for the most part. Now here is the interesting thought. My BMW F650GS was doing the same thing very similar to the DRZ400 and after doing some research on the forums everybody recommended replacing the spark plug with an NGK Iridium projected tip plug. Basically the same heat range but with a slighly extended electrode assembly. This absolutely solves all surging issues and I am glad I did not buy more expensive solutions to cure the throttle issues of this bike. Can we do the same thing on the DRZ with equal results? I have no idea what the clearances are at top end of the head for the slightly longer plug!