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  1. I rode over a cat on my street bike. He was obviously trying to commit seppuku since there was no way I could have gotten out of his way. I went back to see if he was alright and he was gone, so he must have lived.
  2. gr8stdane

    Decisions....125 or 250?

    I'm 175. I'm not too concerned about weight though, as either bike could be set up for my weight. I am more interested in other people's experiences and comments. I have owned and ridden both in all types of circumstances. Just interested in the pros/cons of each. I'm sure both will be fun and that's really the main thing. One thing that concerns me though is that they quit importing the 125. IMO, this would make the 250 a better purchase, with parts being more available, as well as consideration of resale value if desired later.
  3. gr8stdane

    Decisions....125 or 250?

    wow. thanks for your replies, but that just confirms why it's such a tough decision. Heh, I love how light he 125's are on the trails, and i like to rev it and ride it hard. The 250 I love for climbing hills and mx tracks, I don't spend as much time shifting, oh yeah and wheelies are fun too.
  4. gr8stdane

    Decisions....125 or 250?

    Looking for a dirt bike, and this is what I have available in my little podunk town. Which would you get? (I ride trails & track 50/50) 2004 KX 125 - Bone stock, only about 7 hours total on it.$2200 (price not negotiable, trust me I tried) 2003 KX 250 - No racing, just woods riding, stock. $2500 (may be negotiable..say about $2350).
  5. I think it would be sweet to install some hydraulic shocks on your pickup. Then you could just lower it and roll your bike up easy. Plus it has a high 'cool factor'. Won't be right unless you have a kicka** stereo system though.
  6. gr8stdane

    Need Passenger FootPegs...

    Anyone have a pair of Passenger footpegs for the DRZ-400s (2001 model, don't know if the year matters). I want to be able to take my wife for an occasional ride, and my used DRZ didn't come with any. If you have a set you (preferably with the bolts) aren't using, let me know how much you want for them. Thanks, dj.lethal@cox.net