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  1. Wish I could make it good luck and have fun!
  2. There is a sticky plastic at any home store it comes in rolls.
  3. Im way down in the SE corner of NM no rain in about 10 months! wish it would rain for days.
  4. If the Dirt bike committee had a lobby group that has the mentality like the NRA don't ever give in, we all mite have a chance to keep are land from going away, Just saying.
  5. I have the mouth piece in my mouth or under my left strap, the reason is during a race my mouth piece got hug up on my bars and got a little squirrelly not fun.
  6. Nice! good job!
  7. Try getting a aerial photo and gps the trails then overlay trails on the photo?
  8. If it run with out the air filter thats the prob, if not check and see if your float is not stuck.
  9. Looks like a great course! got a little of everything! Wish I could ride that one.
  10. OK I understand now, Thanks for the lesson. I no about the spring rates just had a problem with understanding the forks, Thanks again.
  11. Sounds easy enough, is there a certain hight it should be set at? if so how?
  12. Everybody talks about rear sag how about fork sag? I never messed with it. Does it need to be done and if so how? Thanks.
  13. I use ATF. works good for me.