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  1. NEPArider2

    new helmet

    I'm looking to order a helmet some wher online but i'm wondering about sizes. I currently have an HJC helmet and wear a medium. Is there any other companies that run similiar to HJC in size that i could look at as well? I don't have time to get to my local dealer and anything on because of work.
  2. NEPArider2

    New bar and handgaurds

    I don't have any complaints with the grips. With gloves on they seemed fine and grip wise seemed good as well. They were a bit pricey though.
  3. NEPArider2

    New handle bars on my KDX

    Here are a couple of pics of my new handle bars, barkbusters and grips. I went with the TAG X5 CR high bend bars, Tusk Barkbusters and Harris GRips. I'm loving the new setup. A new exhaust system is next and it'll finally be done. Going to do that when i replace the top-end this winter.
  4. Finally got my new handle bar and bark busters on my KDX. I got the TAG X5 CR High bend bars, Tusk Barkbusters and Harris Grips. The new bars are leaps and bounds better than the factory ones.
  5. NEPArider2

    Looking to get a new bar

    I decided to go with the Tag X5 CR High bend bars. I've ridden a couple bikes with that bend and i feel comfortable with it. I also ordered a pair of Harris MX Performance Grips, they look sweet as well as a Moose magnetic oil drain plug. I didn't know if i should replace the throttle tube but figured i didn't. lol
  6. NEPArider2

    Looking to get a new bar

    I'm actually looking at the Tag X5 7/8's. Anyone know anything about those? Also besides new grips is there anything else i need to order when getting new bars?
  7. I'm about to order a new handle bar for my bike and i'm looking for suggestions. I ride a KDX 200 and i'm 6'3 so i won't a bar that will promote an upright riding position. I also need them to be compatible with my 7/8" Tusk Bark Busters.
  8. NEPArider2

    looking for a new bar

    I was looking at the Pro-Taper SE's CR High's. How are the Renthal Twinwall's?
  9. Any suggestions for a good handle bar for my KDX200. I've been wanting to get a new one for a while but now i need one. I ordered a set of tusk 7/8 handgaurds and with how the KDX's factory bars are made i don't feel like drilling the solid metal ends. I'm 6'3 and i'm looking for a good upright bar with a moderate bend. Also need one that i can use the 7/8 handgaurds with.
  10. NEPArider2

    first day of riding

    Probably not for another week and a half here in NE Pennsylvania. Our snow pack is melting, about 7 inches on the ground down from about 2 feet 2 weeks ago. I leave for Charlotte, NC next Sunday for two weeks but i hope when i return on the 25th the snow will have melted and i'll be good to go. If it's warm this week i might be able to get out and do some riding on Friday or Saturday. If nothing else the end is near. March is a great month, basketball madness and the turning of the seasons.
  11. NEPArider2

    thumpertalk store down

    Nevermind. The storefront is working but that's all, none of the other pages are loading. Well there's always tomorrow.
  12. NEPArider2

    thumpertalk store down

    Store is back up and running and i'm seeing what goodies to buy.
  13. I'm trying to enter the Thumper Talk store to order a skidplate and moose barkbusters and handgaurds but the page won't load. Anyone else having trouble?
  14. NEPArider2

    KDX Suspension

    I'm interested in an answer as well. I've never really fine tuned a suspension because i'm not sure what to look for and how to adjust precisely to fit my riding. I have an '06 KDX200 as well.