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  1. yea ill be there. Ill probaly be out in the parking lot chillin before the race
  2. hey kx250f are you going to the next anahiem race
  3. this is my RCM http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b244/moose_guy/504.jpg
  4. wow you put alot of those little speckles huh lol. I like the look of the new RCM
  5. man i wish i could ride myne i havent for about 6 weeks because i broke my arm in a freak football acident the only thing i can do is start her up lol but im about to just ride anyway. btw the bike looks good
  6. I have the same bike your getting the one of the 1st things you should do is get a better air filter because the ones on it are crappy and make the bike bogg down alot and run like crap and also a new chain would be a good idea for the future.
  7. I got silver plastics for my bike off ebay they are great and they look sick too
  8. the forks are different in some pics but the second one is probaly the real forks http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b244/moose_guy/forks2.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b244/moose_guy/forks1.jpg
  9. i got the 05 rc125 the bike is good and the service is ok but ive been asking them since i got the bike back in summer for a manuel and i still havent gotten it yet but besides that there nice ppl they even gave me some donuts when i got my bike lol.
  10. well i have the rc125 and just puting a uni pod filter made it stop bogging i would try that
  11. hey those exaust look preety bad ass do you have any pics of the crf 50 ones j/w it would be great if you could post it if you did thanks
  12. yea i got one of those long "big bike" swing arms on my rcm and i wish i had a regular swingarm but im a big guy and it bottms out alot when im jumping but the pitster one looks like it would ride a lot different than the big bike style here is a pic where u can c it to start bottom out http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b244/moose_guy/Gas-linebrokenoff025.jpg
  13. good vid but whats up with the ending
  14. hey stlavsa what kind of bike did u get u got pics
  15. good review probaly the most detailed i have seen