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  1. dobent4

    klx 140 different carburetor

    Then what are you trying to do ? Insinuate that a guy with a great reputation who works his a.. off in a field where he deals with whining pre-pubescents is ripping you off ? Horsepower is expensive. The guy running that business ? He has bills to pay and a family to support. Custom made manifolds, etc take some time and money to build. To take a used carb you bought off E-Bay and 're-jet' he'd be nuts,and he isn't. The used carb could be junk, you obviously wouldn't know. Then he knows you're moaning over 200 bucks let alone more ? It would lead to e-mails and phone calls phone calls from you saying it stutters at 3/32nd throttle...it never would end. Then, he may have to read how some "victim" is posting "Don't do business with...". I suggest getting a job or keeping the one you have and getting the money together for a good carb from him,BBR, etc. Squirming at 200 dollars to try and get a significant performance gain is delusional. Wrong hobby, plus you're not going to be get what you imagine you'd get with a carb and airbox alone. So, he's expected to give you a 'deal' and lose money because you say that? Do you know how tired and old statements like that get ? You're coming across as a little manipulative and self-absorbed, yet without enough common sense to realize ..it's not working. So sure, you weren't trying to be rude. But out of ignorance you absolutely were. Doug
  2. dobent4

    Float bowl screws are not junk!

    The float bowl screws that have caused so many of us gnashing of the teeth are in fact not junk. The problem is we aren't using the right screwdriver! What to use is a J.I.S.(Japanese Industrial Standard) no.#1 phillips, which is a lot different than one of our number 1's. It doesn't matter if it's a Snap On, etc., if it's not a J.I.S. no.#1 it's the wrong screwdriver. They are available at lots of places, I found mine at a hobby shop that had them listed in their catalogs and had several J.I.S. sizes,including the no.#1.
  3. dobent4

    Stage 1 cam + 13.5:1 piston

    . I couldn't agree more, well done. If you're still out there, read what GPRODICK wrote slowly and carefully. You're about to screw up a really good bike with some of those whacky ideas,as well as throw away one of the best chains you can buy. Doug
  4. dobent4

    2007 crf 450 PICTURES

    I'll send you a PM on the graphics. Doug
  5. dobent4

    2007 crf 450 PICTURES

    That's for sure ! I know, the Rekluse may not be for everybody but it sure is for me. I've gotten great starts in motocrosses with the Rekluse, and have never, ever stalled the bike whether racing it or going 5-10mph on trails following my daughter around for an hour as she learns to ride our TTR-125. It's a trip that a bike that is all race bike like a CRF450R can putt around that slow in tight conditions without overheating or stalling,and still be suitable for ripping around WFO on demand. It's gotten to the point that any future off road bike I ever get will have a Rekluse on it, the versatility and convenience it provides have me won over. Doug
  6. dobent4

    2007 crf 450 PICTURES

  7. dobent4

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    It's time for a valve job bud, and you should replace them all including the seats. A lot of guys are running the TRX450 stainless steel valves with great results, that's what I think I'll be doing when it's time. There's a lot o foptions that are good choices, but on eo fthem isn't cutting asny corners, pretty much anything that moves or seals to do with the valve train and head should be replaced. Doug
  8. dobent4

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    Glad you got it together, and I'll bet you're sleeping a lot better I had a 450X over at my house to help a friend of a friend helicoil a rear brake lever pivot. Poor guy, he'd had a 250R before and it didn't have that little cotter pin on the back of the pivot bolt, and so he just whipped out the bolt causing the horrible death of the threads . His 450X he'd told me when he had something like only 12 hours on his had exhaust clearances of only .004 . He'd gone ahead and shimmed them and said it ran "okay" now, but seemed like it was a little "different" at higher rpms's after he'd shimmed the exhausts. Well we went ahead and checked them and guess what ? The exhausts were freakin' .017 ,and the bike started and ran ! I don't know what it ran like at higher rpms because we were not where we could ring it out, it's just surprising the thing ran with such sloppy clearance at all. The engine noise was a lot less however,and he was happy. He'd ran it about 6 hours like that,and hopefully little or no damage was done, we did a compression test after shimming the exhausts to spec and it was fine. Stroker I'm not saying that was the case with your bike , it's just that it's something that could easily be done, and that these bikes will run -with exhaust valves anyhow -way out of whack. It's interesting though, I hadn't ever seen or heard of anybody having valves way out from the factory before unless a measuring error was made, Honda's pretty detail oriented to blow something off like that. Doug
  9. dobent4

    Kick Kick kick sputter sputter sputter

    You betcha ! . And pilot jet is plugged ! Doug
  10. dobent4

    Q: What oil to use when soaking chain??

    I'll say, you may wind up pretty mauled,too. Doug
  11. dobent4

    great steering combination

    That Rekluse axle looks interesting. One of the magazines reviewed it and were complimentary , but they also wrote,and Rekluse is pretty clear that it's for "dialing in" and "experimenting", not for racing and nothing to keep on your bike. Is that a liability thing,anybody know, or a fact ? I had my R at 80 mph plus with the 22's and the Scotts ll the way off, with no instability at all, as a matter of fact it felt rock steady. I've put it through all sorts of tight turns,180's ,off camber, in dirt,mud,hard pack and no feeling of wanting to tuck the front end at all, that's with the sag on the button and fork caps dead level just like stock,and nothing but great results. I do use the Scotts, but that'll always be on my bikes. I haven't ever ridden the bike WFO in the desert, with all those whoops from mother nature and deep sand at WFO though, so I respect anyones opinion that does. For what I like to do though I just love the 22's,and if I was a single track guy I'd love them even more because they really shine at lower speeds,too. Doug
  12. dobent4

    560 miles 70+mph hard dez trails. Valves?

    I agree there Johnny, I 've owned KTM's, 2 strokes and 4 strokes, two of each, I like KTM's, a lot. However comma 7K on a desert raced 450 ? I'm embarassed to say how much money I'd bet on that being a , how you say, embellishment ? Dirt Riders 450 needed valves at 200 hours, it was raced and well taken care of, and also needed some other goodies like I believe a crankcase bearing. I'm not slamming the Katoom, heck 200 hard hours, a grand to rebuild , not too bad. But-The 450X they did the 200 hour came in a lot less than that to maintain ! Sorry, I just don't buy that 7K thing for a minute. Doug
  13. dobent4

    Exhaust valve wear with only 60hrs

    My X had all 3 of the marks, and it doesn't look confusing to me, but hey... Not as confusing as thinking you're at .003 clearance on your exhaust valves with a new bike ! Doug
  14. dobent4

    560 miles 70+mph hard dez trails. Valves?

    .Well, that's two of us. Eventually, with a whole bunch of hour they all need valves, but that's not a problem as far as I'm concerned, it's maintenance. If it's a new problem, and we're talking about a 450X, especially a really new one like say 200 or so hours or less I think that's going to be an owner thing. Such as air cleaner problems, carb and intake boots leaking,measuring clearances wrong, etc. Hey gprodick, you're the one who posted that picture for us though,or starte d that thread,whatever, it was valuable info ! Doug
  15. dobent4

    Feed back (450X for larger rider)

    There's a whole bunch of us "larger fellows" out there, and the X will have all you want. Krannie gave you the low down, folow it and you'll be all smiles. Doug