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  1. tbielowicz

    Idle Question

    I have an 01' YZ250F and feel that something doesn't seem right with the idle. When I ride my idle either runs too high or it runs too low and my bike dies when the clutch is engaged (or in neutral). Shouldn't my bike continue to run without having to use the throttle in neutral or with the clutch? I wouldn't care to run the idle higher but going around turns in trails it just pulls when I release the clutch since the RPMs are a bit high. It makes for a jerky ride. I have played with the throttle stop screw and pilot screw but neither seems to help. Any suggestions for what may be going on or what I could do to fix it? Thanks for the help!
  2. tbielowicz

    Harbor Freight Trailers

    If you are in the IL/IN/WI area Menards sells these for $189.00 (less on sale). I once took a 700 mile ride and the bolts did loosen. As long as you watch them and maintain the trailer it will do what needs to be done. My old lights went bad so I got a new set at Wal Mart for $15. Also placed painted (waterproof) plywood for the bottom and used a 2x4 on the front and sides for a small rail. I agree, these trailers are cheap but for $200 +shipping you can't touch the deal.
  3. Thanks for everyones input. I tried each and everyone of the suggestions. I used a grinder to get a better grip on my vise grips but the head kept rounding out. Then I made a flat head slit in the bolt, but it didn't do a thing as it kept round the center of the bolt. I borrowed a MAPP gas torch and went hot cold several times and rapped the bolt afterward. It still wouldn't budge. Then I used a bolt extractor bit and it broke off in the bolt. So then I finally started to drill out the bolt and couldn't get a good angle on it as the drill chuck gets in the way of the disk brake. After spending more than enough time on this, I brought it into the dealership today. I am really curious as to what they will charge me but this is my only choice. Thanks again as I am sure that most techniques would have worked on most seized bolts that didn't come from hell!
  4. Does anyone have any recommeded brands/types of grease to use for wheel axles and the seals. I have some general purpose grease but I want to make sure that I use what is specified.
  5. tbielowicz

    Electrical troubleshooting help

    Your CDI may have gone bad. I had a similar issue where I didn't crash, just dumped it. Wouldn't start the rest of the day. After I took out the plug and cleaned it off I got it to run for 2 seconds then it would backfire and not start up again. I became frustrated so I brought it to the dealership and they told me it was a bad CDI. Don't worry the part was only quoted at $275! So I was lucky to find a used one here and saved some cash. It has run perfectly since I had it replaced.
  6. I tried the Vise Grips and no luck. I tried something different. I sawed a flat head groove into the screw to see if I could use my drill bit to get it out. I get a very good bite but it will not budge. My neighbor has an air compressor and drill so I will see if he has a flat head socket. If this doesn't work, the bolt is definately seized and I will need to get the bolt extractor at Sears ( I believe that I will have to ultimately go this route). Any tips on bolt extractions?
  7. I began to work on my bike today to change my front tire and was able to remove all necessary bolts with the exception of the left inner axle pinch bolt. The axle would not even budge with all the other bolts/nut loosened. I bought the bike used so it was already beginning to be stripped out. I tried to use different sized sockets but it continues to strip it out more. Any suggestions on how to loosen/remove the bolt? Thanks.
  8. tbielowicz

    How much are 2002 250F's selling for?

    It really depends on the condition and mods. Typically the 2001s sell around $2000-2500, 2002s - $2200-2800, 2003s - $2600-3200. I just got a 2001 and looked around for a couple months. Try to get a stock machine if possible unless you know the bike was well taken care of. Good luck.
  9. tbielowicz

    2001 YZ250F w/bad CDI Box

    Will a 2003 Yamaha YZ250F CDI box work on a 2001? Also, does it matter if I have a 2003 exhaust cam installed? Does this effect the CDI at all?
  10. I recently joined the thumper world with YZ250F. I picked it up on Saturday and rode it for about 1-1/2 hrs. I dumped it on it's side and it hasn't started since. I took out the plug and tried to clear it out but nothing I did seemed to work. I finally gave up and brought it to the dealership. They called a few hours ago and told me that I have a bad CDI. First question: Is this a common problem? I just picked up the bike from a private seller two days before and the bike ran good. Could he have know the CDI was bad and rigged to work in the short-term? Second: What is a reasonable price to pay for a CDI box? I was quoted $270 + labor. I found a site that will get it to my door for around $200. I am just worried that it may not be the CDI and I am stuck with a $200 part. Third: What causes CDIs to go bad? I want to be sure that if it is the CDI my new doesn't go bad as well. Now the guy I purchased the bike from had this in the description: "The pilot jet is rich for easier hot starting but causes it to idle low, but buyer may need to change jetting for their style." Not sure if that would do anything to the CDI I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.