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  1. tooldini

    Indoor arena in MI

    Hey anyone know if McCulloch's is still open there site doesn't work. I just learned about them and they are about 1 hour from me so thats not too bad.
  2. tooldini

    Total Showoff

    I think the 60 pound weight difference would make a big difference betweent the two. 60 pounds is a lot. Jeff
  3. tooldini

    anyone know anything about coolster pit bikes?

    Not sure what bikes tripleclamp you seen but the coolster 214S's looks solid and well made. It is a cheaper bike so of course things may not be rock solid and built to last forever but for someone that wants a goof around on bike I would recommend them for the money. You would have thousands into building a decent CRF 50 or KLX 110. Jeff
  4. tooldini

    anyone know anything about coolster pit bikes?

    My dad just got a coolster 214S and it runs awesome,, not recommended for thrashing but for running around some trails and yards its great. $695.00 shipped with Thor pitbike boots. You can't beat it for the money. Motor starts at least by the second kick every time and has tons for torque. He got it from the sister site of killermotorsports, cheappitbike.com they were great and shipped it right out. The bike starts usually on the first kick and has tons of torque. Of course you have to do some prep work to ride, because you don't get the usual dealer prep. Things need to be adjusted and sometimes straightened out LOL. Great bike for the money for sure Jeff
  5. tooldini

    XR 50 won't stay running

    Hey guys thanks for the help. it ended up just being a bad plug. I put a new plug in and it started first kick. I took the old one out and it was totally black and just barely sparking. Got her fixed easy. Thanks for the help. Jeff
  6. tooldini

    XR 50 won't stay running

    Thanks guys,, I will start with the plug maybe tomorrow if not raining. I had sat since about July August range. Michigan weather is kinda nasty right now I remember when I put her away people were still swimming LOL. there is a pretty cool indoor track in tecumseh michigan I wouldn't mind checking out this winter. thanks again for the help and I will keep you posted. thanks Jeff
  7. Hello,, I have a 2003 XR 50 with takegawa 82cc or 88 can't remember I bought it used. I went to start it the other day after it had been setting for a while and it wouldn't start. normally starts first or second kick. The few times I got it running it would only idle for a short time then stall. If I tried revving it at all it would stall right away. It seemed like it was getting flouded right away because I seen and smelt the gas coming from the over flow it think it is( the hose running from the carb down towards the ground. What do you think I should try first so I don't waste my energy kicking it like a millions times? Any ideas would be appreciated thanks Jeff
  8. tooldini

    swingarm opinion??

    I don't think I would buy that from 50 caliber. I heard bad things about fit and quality. I purchased some tappered bearing from them on ebay and they weren't even the same as the ones in the pick. Pretty shitty bearings at best. I have some KLX 110 forks I purchased on ebay from a guy in canada and they are awesome. I think I will put some stiffer 110 fork springs in though they are a little soft for speed. Hope this helps. Jeff
  9. tooldini

    Running poor?

    I hadn't really noticed the carb getting hot. I purchased the bike used and noticed there was tube going from the crankcase to the filter before the carb. We took the hose off the filter and it runs great now. is there anything wrong with what we did or should that hose be going from the crankcase to the airfilter? We actually put a small airfilter on the hose from the crankcase. It runs great but wondered if there could be any damage from doing this. we didn't think so but wanted ask around thanks Jeff
  10. tooldini

    Running poor?

    Hello,, I have a CRF 50 with Takegawa 88cc bigbore on it. After riding for about 10-15 minutes it losses power and kinda sputters a bit. Would a high volume oil pump help this? or any other ideas. thanks Jeff