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  1. Straight from the boys in Hamburg, send XT Tom a note or message on FB for posting the repair. Enjoy the day, Grimmy
  2. Got one on my '77, currently running a 100w Baja Designs 8' race light, fulll roadbook, GPS. Have not had any issues, and I can even supply you with one. Enjoy the day, I'll try to scrounge up some pics later. Grimmy
  3. Scotch Brite + wood block on the case halves. It should be OK.
  4. Rob, stunning as always, I hope all is well, Grimmy
  5. Stree Legal, Vintage Plate, using a small watercraft airhorn right now, but will incorporate an electic horn.
  6. I did this with Magura levers
  7. Thanks guys, I did a bit more digging, it's all in the CDI I beleive I have an open circut for the high speed coil thus no advance. Enjoy the weekend, Grimmy
  8. I don't care what you like, that is one pretty damn bike! Enjoy the day, Grimmy
  9. I just can't remember anymore. My '81 XT won't advance the timing. The advance is totally contained in the CDI unit? Thanks, Grimmy
  10. I e-mailed Ignacio and yes in fact he is doing The Dakar on the Bultaco next year with some minor modifications. He will take the start in France and ship the bike South America. Crazy, yes, anyone who has done a long distance, multi-day rally must be crazy. Ignacio and I took the start each day together and he is rock solid. If he gets his website together I'll post up link. Enjoy the day, Grimmy
  11. Morning guys, it is the flow exhaust from So Cal, it's been a pain to jet, but the pipe flows so much and is really loud I'm not sure it is really worth it. Looks nice, fits well. Off to the national forest for four days of riding. Grimmy
  12. I've had a few that I took the tank off, laid the bike down and put a breaker bar with a jack handle on it. Heat may help. Enjoy the day, Grimmy
  13. Not really a TT but my XT with a YZ front end And my Mexican 1k rally bike Enjoy, Grimmy
  14. The Dakar would actually be Ignacio's forth or fifth rallye on the Bultaco. I raced with him in the '08 Heroes Legend Rallye and if anyone can do it it will be him. Other than the ten plus gallons of fuel, he rides a well sorted bike. Other than the cc limit I beleive he'd run the first timer class but I could be wrong. Enjoy the rest of the week, Grimmy
  15. I've had this happen on two of my XT's from time to time. Rode them on long rides, parked them, came back the next day or the day after, and had no resistance at the kick-starter. I beleive either a valve is sticking or my other thought was a ring was sticking through thermal expansion. It seemed once it got enough fuel through it it all worked well. Everyone enjoy the day, Grimmy