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  1. WFO311

    How do I delete a mod in the garage?

    With your hands..
  2. WFO311

    what year E should I look for?

    Get a 2002 or newer.
  3. WFO311

    Trying to decide on a bike - please help

    Get the DRZ E. All you need to do is add the case protection, skid plate and hold on. It's a great woods bike and can hold it's own out in the open areas. I've ridden mine thru everything from the tight Texas woods and Colorado mountains. It's a great reliable bike and you can't find a better place than Thumper Talk to help make it a better bike.
  4. WFO311

    Drz/klx Dirt Riders

    100% dirt
  5. WFO311

    BUSTED.......Phone call from Police Lt.

    Nice looking bike
  6. Seems kinda of high, maybe just a Kalifornia thing........
  7. Try this website for plenty of info.... http://forum.harescrambleracing.com/
  8. Thanks. The same to you and the rest of the TT family.
  9. WFO311

    Justifying my DRZ to my wife...HELP

    Maybe get some stones... Sorry couldn't help myself.
  10. WFO311

    Exhaust Heat shield?????

    I don't think the Yosh full system has any attachments for the heat shield. Others have welded the heat shield attachments to the new pipe. My bad, thought you were getting the full system.
  11. WFO311

    Infamous frayed throttle return cable

    I did like most when mine frayed........removed it and never replaced it. It's been doing just fine for almost 2 years now.
  12. WFO311

    ???what type dirt bike for 1st timer

    An XR200 or CRF150 would probably be ideal.
  13. WFO311

    Rear Disc guard install

    What problem are you having installing it?
  14. WFO311

    Yoshimura Off Road grafics

    I don't think they make them anymore since the off-road team isn't riding DRZ's any longer.
  15. WFO311

    drz4001311 Check your PM's

    I had a couple questions about your setup for dual-sporting your E.