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  1. gezzer1000

    How many guys use the R for off road vs moto?

    OFF row add....
  2. gezzer1000

    Is the CRF450X right for me

    I love my 450R. i wanted the push button but could not wait for the dealer to get it. So I kick. I came off a 02' YZ 125 which is no comparison to a 450 but. I have greater Control and I can waste a 250 on my 450 if I want to. I expect the 450X would be just as fun, responsive and power delivery is there when you want it. Hang on to ole faithfull for a buddy to tag along and get a Honda.
  3. gezzer1000

    Front Break Pads Rub on Rotor when Spinning Front Wheel

    yes sir that be true. I got the same here. seems fine to me.
  4. gezzer1000

    Billy Who or Billy Poo, Man Funnel?

    I had to modify my funnel to make it fit. The sticky tape is a joke I tossed that out the minute I open the package. I used some plummers apoxy. I forget the name. Its sort of like a putty and comes in a clear plastic toob. I sprayed the area on the engine with cooking PAM and molded the apoxy while it was still plyable with the funnle in place and made the fit perfect. Its ugly looking but i don't care I throw it in the corner oily anyway.....
  5. gezzer1000

    Any decent Radiator guards 4 the 450X?

    Devol works for me. But I would be willing to try anything exept Works Connection. I had a YZ for a short time that got the works package an still managed to break raidiators. But then again I did Crash alot more on that bike for some reason. I thingk yamaha's have a natural gravitational pull to the earth for easyer burial.
  6. gezzer1000

    How do you play with your 150/230

    I watch. Its my wifes bike so I told her she can't ride it unless she's Naked....no, really.
  7. gezzer1000

    CRF230/CR85 Conversion

    You have the BBR Frame kit? Have any Photos. And any quirks I need to know about?
  8. OK BBR sais it rocks but I havent seen any reviews or threads on the real??? anyone have any info? Anyone have a spare 230 engine? Im tired of the whole XR 50 craze and need a new project. Should I spend the time and money?