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  1. Bloms_AZ

    Accelerator Pump Leak

    I drain the bowl if I am going to leave the bike for more than two weeks. I run the engine until it dies and then use the drain screw for the rest. It seems to get all the fuel out as the bowl is spotless. But I live in Arizona and the temperatures get up there so I don't like to leave fuel in the carb bowl. Evaporation rates are really high in the desert.
  2. Bloms_AZ

    Accelerator Pump Leak

    So if you aren't supposed to use carb cleaner on the carb, what do you use to clean it?? I am replacing all the rubber from the bowl gasket down just as a precaution. Is there anything else I should look into? I never ran the engine with carb cleaner. Only tried to soak the jets and then drain through the bottom drain. Paul.
  3. Bloms_AZ

    Accelerator Pump Leak

    Well, I think it was the carb cleaner. I sprayed a whole lot of it in there to try and clean up a rough idle and avoid taking the carb off the bike. I haven't found any other degraded rubber parts. While the carb is off I'll clean it up. Is there any other rubber parts inside the carb that I should search for? All the o-rings look and feel good. Paul.
  4. Bloms_AZ

    Accelerator Pump Leak

    I have a 07 WR250 that is basically stock (grey wire mod only). It started running poorly about a month ago. Bad idle, bad bottom end but seemed fine at higher RPM's (although I don't use the upper end too much). I started smelling gas and starting seeing a drop come off the bottom of the carb bowl. Well, last ride I ended up with about 1 drop every 6 seconds. I removed the carb and verified that the leak was coming from the accelerator pump (AP) cover. Took off the AP cover and the whole diaphragm is disintegrated!! The bowl is clean and all the o-rings are intact. Has anyone else seen this before?? I'm amazed to find this inside the carb. Paul. Phoenix
  5. Bloms_AZ

    WR250 License Plate Holder

    Some good information and pictures in the other Yamaha forum. Probably enough to start making one myself. I live in Arizona so I don't need the turn signals. That makes it easier!
  6. Yes, it will use oil and the power will be reduced if the rings are damaged. You know what to watch for but it sounds like you are in good shape!
  7. What are people using to mount a license plate on a WR250. Anything out there that uses the existing bolts that hold on the rear LED taillight? Paul.
  8. Bloms_AZ

    WR250 Tools

    No little plastic bag, just a pivoting spark plug socket that needs a wrench to be able to remove the spark plug. And it also came with a 6mm and 7mm spoke wrench. I already carry a lot of tools and supplies. Have to be ready when riding the desert. I just bought a wrench for the front and rear wheel axles. I'd like to find a place to put some of the other stuff that is specific to this bike (spare spark plug, registration/insurance/permits, etc.) Anyone know of a good spot to put some spare parts and paperwork? Paul.
  9. You are lucky!! When my son drowned my XR250, it was running and injested water into the cylinder. After a lot of work, he got it to start (with all the water in the crankcase) and limped back to the truck. Basically ate the piston rings. So new piston and rings and cylinder bore and dismantling of the carb for cleaning was the real damage.
  10. Bloms_AZ

    Both intake tappet lock nuts missing, need opinions!!

    Had a similar problem with my XR250 but the nut stopped in the head/cam area. If it dropped down the cam chain space, it won't get into the crankcase. It will stay in clutch area and if the engine is still turning, there should be no damage (but you'll know more when you take off the right cover). Don't forget to drain the oil before you pull the cover. While you are in there, check the condition of the clutch plates and cam chain tensioner and guide. Also clean up the oil screen at the bottom of the case and the oil screen that is in the bottom of the frame. Good luck finding that nut! What year bike? I have the electronic version of the service manual for the '96 to '04 if you need it. Paul.
  11. Bloms_AZ

    WR250 Tools

    I was wondering, I picked up my new WR250F and got a spark plug wrench and spoke wrench. My old Honda XR250 also came with a wrench sized to take off the wheels. Is the WR supposed to have more tools with it? Paul.
  12. I just got a new '07 WR250F and need to put some body protection on it before I hit the desert. Since the frame is new for '07, there isn't a lot out there yet (including TT). I need everything including skid plate, radiator guards, front and rear disk guards, bla bla bla. I also need hand guards but they should be readily available (I guess I need special mounts for the pro-taper bars?). Has anyone used Flatland Racing gear and how did it work out. It seems they are the first to market with most of what I need. Paul. Phoenix
  13. Bloms_AZ

    To Hone or Not to Hone

    Thanks for the offer. A neighbor had a hone and the cylinder is all done and installed. Just assembled the head last night and hopefully install it tonight. Things are going together nicely. No stripped bolts (yet) and all the new seals are in. If I get the head torqued tonight I'm home free. Everything else is small stuff. All I have to do is remember to fill the oil before I get too excited and start the bike. Paul.
  14. Bloms_AZ

    Arizona Question

    As for places to ride, check out Arizona Trail Riders site. There are many places and levels for various riders. http://arizonatrailriders.org/a09_places_to_ride.htm A word of warning for visitors to the desert; bring a hydration pack. I always travel with 3 quarts of water and some food. Every plant that lives in the desert has thorns or cactus needles. Hand guards (the bucket type that really cover the entire hand area), skid plates, knee and shin guards will protect you and your equipment. Table Mesa riding is in the Cave Creek Ranger District of the Tonto National Forest. There is a map "Cave Creek Ranger District OHV Map" that is useful. There was a forest fire a couple of years ago and some of the area is still closed until it comes back a little more and gets re-signed. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/maps/ If you head to 11.5 mile markers, that map is published by the BLM and is called "Arizona Access Guide - Lake Pleasant / Hieroglyphic Mountains". Very big areas so your are better off with someone that knows the area. Another local area is Granite Mountain Multiuse Area in northern Scottsdale. http://www.azgfd.gov/pdfs/outdoor_recreation/ohv/Granite%20MT%20Brochure.pdf Nice riding area, well marked and great views. More single track trails than dual track. Red are single track trails and blue are dual track trails/unimproved roads. Maps are located at all the access points. Be ready for heat in the lower elevations. Ride early and Drink, Drink, Drink while on the trail. Private message me if you want additional information. I also have GPS track logs and some waypoints for these and other areas around Arizona. Paul.
  15. Bloms_AZ

    To Hone or Not to Hone

    The work I tore the top end down for was the cam chain. The tensioner failed. I found one of the springs in the oil sump. The damage from the cam chain sliding around in there loose wasn't too extensive but all those little parts really add up fast. Paul.