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  1. dneubaue

    '06 CRF250R Carb problem?

    My son is a 16 year old MXer that has been riding since he was 6. He rides hard and is a top 3 Novice in Texas. We had an '04 that had continuos valve issues. We sold it and bought an '06. Ran great for 15-18 hours and then it got a bog when hard landing and in the woops. We have cleaned the carb and checked the valves. It starts easy and runs great on flat ground. I have heard grumblings of problems with the '06 carb but have not seen anything definitive. Does anyone have a similar problem that has been resolved? If so what was the solution? Thanks!
  2. dneubaue

    KTM Maintenance Costs

    My son is currently on a '04 CRF250 and he is also thinking about moving to the 250sxf. The '04 CRF250 is a valve eating monster. I see in some of the replies that valve adjustments are needed for the 250sxf. How frequently and what is entailed in this adjustment? My son races Motocross and is a fast Novice rider. He is also 6'1" tall. Will he be happy with the 250sxf?