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  1. illinoiscableman75

    Help needed with finding Bearings.

    I was told from my dealer to contact them, but I have called several times and left several messages, but no return calls. Also tried e-mailing them,but so far no response. the last e-mail and phone message I left I asked them if they were still in business. The phone message box is full. Thanks
  2. illinoiscableman75

    Help needed with finding Bearings.

    Hello Thanks for the quick response, but I live in rural America here in Illinois. lol I have searched the local yellow pages and find nothing everything here points to overseas bearings. But I 'll keep trying thanks.
  3. illinoiscableman75

    Help needed with finding Bearings.

    Hello all I just need to find out if anyone has any ideas on where to find replacement wheel bearings and seals for excel pro series hubs. I oredered new kits for front and back, but then found out that the bearings in excels are different. any help would be appreciated. Thanks:banghead:
  4. illinoiscableman75

    questions about smoke coming from vent tube.

    Hmmm meant to say rmz ..... thanks
  5. illinoiscableman75

    questions about smoke coming from vent tube.

    Hello Has anyone out there with an 04 ymz 250 had any problems with smoke coming out of the vent tube that is connected the the crankcase? If so is this something to worry about or is this normal ? Thanks Just finished putting a different head on and now noticed that there is slight puffs of smoke coming out of that vent tube underneath. Just thought I would find out what was about to happen next.
  6. illinoiscableman75

    Pic of me airing it out

    Hey do you still ride at southfork? Do you have any pics going over the new triples there or the new tunnel jump. Just wondering, My son and my self also ride there , but we are both beginners, well I used to race in Fla, many moons ago like 30 yrs ago, but my son is just getting into it he races beginner right now. maybe we will see ya there sometime.
  7. illinoiscableman75

    Lets hit it!

    Don't let them discourage you keep at you will get better doing videos, it's just like riding practice , practice and more practice. .....
  8. illinoiscableman75

    questions about the cylinder head

    Hello all I have checked into getting a new cylinder head for my sons 04 rmz, checked at the dealership and the cost is about $540. I found a web site on here and the cost is around $442. for the 04 and $352. for the 05. Can someone on here explain to me why an 04 is so much higher priced than the 05 and also an 05 will work on an 04 correct? Thannks sorry if this question has been asked on here before but I've went thru the threads and couldn't find anything.
  9. illinoiscableman75

    question about rev limiter

    Hello all I came from riding a 2-stroke and I know you have to keep them reved up, but I keep hearing something about a rev limiter on th 4-strokes. Can someone tell me what that means and how to know if you are running the bike close to over reving? Thanks
  10. illinoiscableman75

    about kibble white valves

    Hello Can someone tell me where I can buy or order the kibble white valve kits, valves and springs? I did a search, but nothing comes up. Thanks
  11. illinoiscableman75

    Seized intake(searched, couldn't find answer I'm looking for)

    Hello can you tell me what you clean the aluminum off of the cam with? And also do you leave the cap torgued to 84 in lbs or do you spin it to see if it spins freely and then go ahead an torque to 104? thanks
  12. illinoiscableman75

    question about a head gasket

    Hello I am getting ready to put my top end back together and just wondering if there is a right and wrong way to put the head gasket on? It looks like it will go either way, doesn't really say top or bottom on it. Or does it matter? Thanks
  13. illinoiscableman75

    question about valve specifications

    I'm sorry let me explain myself better. At one time I did have both cams off, because I had taken the top end down to the piston to check the rings and piston ect. But when I put it back together I torqued it down as per the service manual, but I didn't oil the cam itself. After trying to get this bike started for about 4 or 5 days I then came on here and got the advise about the valves, when I found the intake valves to be tight, i removed that cam several times to replace the shims in the valves, after getting the clearance I needed I put it all back together and oiled the intake cam and journals but didn't oil the exhaust cam, so I figured that the exhaust cam got dry from all the trying to start it, and when it did start it ran but acted like it had a drag on the engine, when I checked into it farther that's when I found the exhaust cam scarred/marred. I'm going to try to clean it up and smooth it out and maybe polish everything, if that doesn't work I guess I will be purchasing a new head and cam. Thanks
  14. illinoiscableman75

    question about valve specifications

    Well In my repair manual it says to remove the intake cam first so once I had the intake cam off there was no reason to take off the exhaust cam I left it tightend down, and besides if you over tighten the cam caps the only thing that will happen is you will pull out the threads, they are to be torgued down at 104 in lbs and that's what i did. Thanks
  15. illinoiscableman75

    question about valve specifications

    well guys i 've got another problem now. I changed the shims in the intake valves and got the clearance i needed. put the bike back together and started it, it started fairly easy and was letting it warm up when it all of a sudden just stopped dead, so i restarted it but seemed to have some drag. I pulled the valve cover off and found the exhaust cam binding, took it apart and it seems the head and exhaust cam are gauled or marred. I don't know if i can clean them up or not. Anyone had this problem and if so is there any fix besides all new parts? This bike is beginning to cost me an arm and leg. I guess I failed to soak the cam with oil before starting the bike, I didn't have the exhaust cam off so it slipped my mind I put oil on the intake cam and it looked fine. Also if the head has to be replaced would it be better to get an 05 head and all the new valves and springs?